Corporate Governance: Mission Accomplished?

Stop the presses. The president launched a “corporate fraud prevention” task force. http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/09/20020926-2.html  Another mission accomplished?  Now, back to reality!  This press release is no different than others coming out of a government body – high on process; low on results.

eStrategy: You are welcome; but you not so much!

Whether you like it or not, you are living on the “animal farm.” Is it time your eStrategy reflected Orwellian thinking? Strategists often focus on web traffic and for good reason. However, not all visitors are created equal – some

IT Strategy: Is a trend your friend?

Or foe? 2008 predictions are in; some are in the works. Which one are you going to follow Tis the season for predictions and trends. My email has its share of notes from editors wanting my opinion on the trends

eStrategy: Have you seen my page?

First it was letters. Then it was the phone. Emails took over where the phone left. The web – flicr et. al. – were then the “visit to grandma’s” for Gen X. You ain’t seen nothin yet! First it was

Governance: Is Transparency Better for Business?

Yes! Even our friends overseas have got this message. “SOX is killing us” is the usual cry from corporate circles. My question has always been: why do we need a law to do something we ought to be doing in

eOperations: Capacity Planning is the Key to Success?

Chinese Proverb: Be careful what you wish for! Now, the proverb in action in…China. I could not figure out which channel to put this in: eStrategy or Governance. My thoughts were hampered by an uncontrollable bout of laughter – I

The New IT Organization

The new CIO is being born. Would you like a new IT organization with that? There is lot of discussion on the emerging role of the CIO. This discussion is long overdue. Some CIOs thought their role was to implement

Is Excessive CEO Pay Hurting Business?

If the average CEO’s pay is 364 times the average Joe’s pay, does it signal a fundamental breakdown in governance? When we think of governance invariably our mind goes to the negative – stopping, preventing, punishing etc. Rarely do we

Born Again Corporations

When it comes to governance, an apology is a good thing. Its impact however depends on its sincerity! It happens. Michael Vick – ex-falcons quarterback – likes to torture dogs. He met Jesus recently as he was putting in a

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