Got Community?

Web 2.0 is in full swing and like everyone else you also want your own community. Can you compete with Facebook? Every organization operates in an ecosystem. Your key stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers etc. – are all part of that

Making EAP work!

Business leaders – without exception – detest the idea of funding an enterprise architecture project. How can you get over this hurdle? Enterprise architecture is one of those absolute essentials that is famously derided. Why? Because we lose focus and get

Getting Project Portfolio Management Right!

PPM is the flavor of the month. Unfortunately, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth after you read this post! You are doing Project Portfolio Management wrong. Now that I have your attention, let me tell you why!

Who Will Bell This Cat?

The world is going green. You do not have a choice. The question is: Will you wait for your CEO to ask you or will you show leadership on this issue? Going green is an imperative for corporations these days.

IT Spending: How much is enough?

Is 80% of your IT spending going to waste? It would seem so. It is also easily provable! As discussions on IT Alignment and Value are the hot topic of the day and will be for the foreseeable future, it

eBusiness Strategy: It’s the Business Model, Stupid!

Companies get into eBusiness with a wish and a prayer when they think putting up a website is the path to success. Stop and think before you take that track and fail. On the surface, eBusiness seems so easy. Put

So you want to be an enterprise architect?

Does the Enterprise Architect role require some critical skills? What are they and how are they any different from those required by other roles? As Shakespeare would put it: Some are born enterprise architects, some achieve enterprise architect status and

Empower This!

Employee empowerment is the mantra every leader is supposed to chant at every opportunity. Does that work or are you better off really doing something about empowerment? As buzzwords go “empowerment” is amongst the top 10 in any human resource

Overcome Your Business Model’s Midlife Crisis! has matured. And with it has come a slew of problems. Can they overcome their mid-life crisis. More importantly, can your ebusiness? It’s an interesting dilemma. You pioneer a space – i.e. are the “first mover” – and then

The Hound of Music

RIAA won a lawsuit against an individual for downloaing music illegally. The question is, have they won a battle and poised to lose the war? How would you like to pay 200,000 big ones for downloading 20 songs? At roughly

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