Month: January 2007

The Green CIO: Now Awake!

Power saving light bulbs is a good start but we need to do much more to keep mother earth inhabitable. This study by Global Action Plan – an organization based in the U.K. – is an eye opener.
Here is a short quiz:
  1. What generates more CO2 – a mid sized server or an SUV rated at 15 miles/gallon?
  2. How much paper has been saved by the introduction of the paperless office in early 1980 (when the PC was first introduced)?
  3. How many computers are discarded each year?
    1. 10 million
    2. 20 million
    3. 30 million
    4. None of the above
The answers will shock the daylight out of you. Unless you work for an energy company or are a congressman on their payroll – you know, through campaign contributions – or just plain stupid, you will take these figures seriously and do something about it.
Leadership can come from a Harvard MBA degree – although I doubt it – or from within if one pays attention to the pressing need of the day. Where is your leadership going to come from? We report, you decide.

CEOs behaving badly: Mr. Black goes to jail

Mr. Black pocketed millions of shareholder dollars in a scam. Got caught. Now he is headed to prison for 61/2 years.
What was he thinking? Apparently, Lord Black thought that he would not be caught and if he was he would get away. Not sure what happened to his carefully laid out plans but he is headed to prison.
When Mr. Black was carrying out this scam, where was the CFO? Where was the CIO’s head buried when this money passed through the systems? Where was the head of human resources?
Should they all go to jail with him? I think so.
So far we have passed – admittedly ineffective – laws to protect whistleblowers. What about laws to punish those who should have known but did not say anything? Now that is a deterrent against white collar crime.
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CEOs behaving badly: Mr. Black goes to jail

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