The Impending Demise of Newspapers

We discuss it as if it is a bad thing. I, for one, am not willing to shed a tear if all newspapers disappeared. A better question to ask is: will the internet spell the demise of journalism? Absolutely not!!

Learning from Morons

Leadership lessons can be learnt from ordinary people around us. Believe me, when I say “ordinary” I really mean it. So here are two rock stars and what they have to teach us   Moron 1: “People don’t understand the

Kindle in the Barack

Well, that is how candle in the dark might sound on Kindle – Amazon’s vaunted book machine. Apparently, the “bookinator” pronounces “Barack” as “black” and “Obama” as “Alabama.” It pronounces “Celtics” with a hard c. The question is: was the

The Senator is dead. Long live the Senator!

This is the official announcement of the demise of Wikipedia. Wiki = Good idea. Bad execution = Wikipedia. Good idea + Bad Execution = Back to the drawing board. This math is timeless. Pay attention. Wikipedia apparently posted entries that announced

The Commode with Legs

According to a report the American banking sector is in the hole for $3.5 Trillion. In other words, American banking system is bankrupt. Now, on to the really shocking part. According to a report the American banking sector is in

Congratulations, we just bought a jet!

Sometimes, the best surprises are the ones we don’t know about. Huh! Well, surprise! You and I now own another corporate jet. Congratulations, All!! We just bought ourselves a spanking new corporate jet! No kidding folks, check out this picture…

Managing by news

Leaders lead and, well, sheep follow. Which are you? The US economy is in a tailspin. Each day brings worst news on business closings, earning disappointments, job losses and towns and people is jeopardy. Lives are being destroyed in this

A Failure of Governance

Another day, another story of corporate malfeasance. The cycle continues as shareholders look to “others” to manage their business. Good Luck! Here is a story from the motherland that will make you stand up and take notice. Satyam – means “truth”

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