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7 days in Review: Most popular stories upon GeekWire for the week of 03 24, 2019

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Get caught up on the latest technology plus startup news from the past 7 days. Here are the most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of March twenty-four, 2019.

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Most widely used stories on GeekWire

The wizard-themed pub and wand store hopes to conjure magic within historic Seattle building

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Wizard and wand maker Geoffrey Thaddeus Constantine Balch outside the developing in Seattle’ s Ballard community that will become The Splintered Wand. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

A wizard-themed bar is coming to Seattle’ s Ballard neighborhood, but the proprietors who are busily building out the historic Flatiron Building insist they’ ve already been there all along, watching all of us and waiting for the right time to re-engage with the modern world.

The Splintered Wand will take up an unique space at 5135 Ballard Ave., mixing with the leafy neighborhood’ s industrial businesses, bars plus trendy shops. My Ballard documented on the plan this week, after an alcohol license posting. The building, built in 1896, is a historic landmark and has been originally home to Ballard Livery and Transfer, a large moving business.

Geoffrey Thaddeus Constantine Balch is a wizard and a wand maker and sometime in the next couple of months, along with partner Andrea Ravnholm, this individual plans to open the doors to an institution that will serve eclectic drinks and menus items while also crafting marvelous wands, all in a setting rich in fantasy. They acquired house last summer.

“ We loved this area in the very beginning, ” Balch said. “ When we showed up the natives had been still here. ” Pointing in a historic marker on the side of the packet building, featuring an early 1900s photo of some sort of parade passing with the space, Balch promised that if we all zoomed in, we’ d have the ability to spot him in the crowd.

The particular Flatiron Building on Ballard Method was built in 1896 and is the historic landmark. (GeekWire Photo or Kurt Schlosser)

Balch, who insisted on sticking with his wizard name and identity throughout a visit this week, has a web site for his wand-making business, Piscataqua & Balch , which offers a detailed history of in which the wizards originated.

“ We’ re in the same entire world, it’ s just we’ lso are 2 . 3 seconds ahead, ” Balch reasoned. “ You can’ t go farther than second . 3 seconds — 2 . several seconds is right on the verge of creating a decision in the future that would affect as well closely and too quickly the instant past. That’ s the one thing all of us can’ t do is impact the future. ”

For that purposes of reality, GeekWire got a glance inside what will become The Splintered Wand — but Balch asked that people please wait on pictures.

The landmark designator on the brick outdoor of the Flatiron Building. (GeekWire Photograph / Kurt Schlosser)

Brick, tile, wood, metal and stained-glass accents all clash inside the space that is still getting built out. Magical flourishes plus fantastical details are still to be understood. A cozy bar in the back of the particular ground-floor level will feature concoctions fit for such a place.

“ This isn’ big t a bar like you’ lmost all ever be in, probably, again, except if you’ re in one of these, ” Balch said. “ I’ ve been in your bars. You will not are available in and see bottles of what you anticipate. … There will be a potions that may be created with all of the accompanying smoke plus fire and bubbling and cauldron-looking stuff. ”

The particular pub will be kid friendly for several hours, Balch said, and the primary focus of the menu will be huge skewers of meats and veggies of various kinds — picture compressed Yorkshire pudding rolled up as an English burrito .

Above the primary seating area is a mezzanine in which the wand shop will be located. Sun light flows into the space from a big rooftop skylight. This space will certainly feature a little more seating and “ magical ephemera” and is where Balch will “ make the best wands in the world” … priced at regarding $30. A video on Facebook displays what that process looks like:

The Wand for Brian Steiner

A wand designed specifically for Brian Steiner at the 2017 Harry Potter Yule Ball, St Lous, Missouri.

Submitted by Piscataqua & Balch, Makers of Good Wands & Staves on Thursday, December 21, 2017

“ I think there is a hunger for this things, quite frankly. We live in trying periods. In character and out of personality I can tell you that I’ m an enormous fan of Harry Potter. I actually directed a Renaissance festival within St . Louis. Fantasy things are already part and parcel of my entire life really since I started playing ‘ D& D’ in probably lates 1970s. ”

Seattle, plus Ballard especially, clearly seem to accept wizards and fantasy of all kinds. Not far from the neighborhood’ h retail core, a father wowed the world around Halloween 2017 simply by building an imitation of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter in his drive. Just around the corner from The Splintered Wand, Mox Boarding Home serves as a community collecting space for game-playing geeks of most kinds.

“ We all love Mox. We go to Mox. I adore Mox. I want to talk to their own people. I don’ t discover us a competitors, I see all of us as an elastic market. We’ lso are not trying to sell games or concentrate on them, ” Balch said.   “ There are plenty of places to go play the overall game. This is where you come to be the game. ”

Andrea Ravnholm, on the roof of the Flatiron Building which will be home to her organization, communicates with crows in a forest overhead. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

The particular pub and wand shop will probably employ five to eight individuals, all of whom will have an overall performance aspect to their jobs, according to Balch. He said they’ re presently looking for a spectacular drinks wizard to operate behind the bar.

On a street that attracts nighttime bar hoppers and Sunday farmer’ s market walkers, The Splintered Wand is sure to attract all kinds.

“ I want people to have the ability to come in here in garb and reside their fantasy, but by the exact same token, we’ re going to have got parents that are coming here that will aren’ t as bought within, as invested in the concept, and other those who are going to come in because they just want to view it, ” Balch said. “ Hopefully it’ s cool enough that individuals will just come see it due to the fact it’ s cool. ”

One more new business is coming to Old Ballard. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

SNL’ s clever Us parody can be tethered to a fake Discover advertisement

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It’ s a comedic distort that nobody saw coming.

All of us , Jordan Peele’ s frightening followup to Move out , has just been in theaters for a week and it has already established itself as a record-breaking hit. More importantly, though, because it’ s the detail-packed superpuzzle using a relevant message, All of us has also already a new cultural impact worthy of its forerunner, flooding the market with memes, Twitter threads , and think pieces by the number of.

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I actually organized the Million Mom 03. Here’ s my reflection about how it has evolved since then

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Donna Dees reflects on the effect of the recent rebranding of the firm she founded, and why the particular gun-violence prevention movement needs ladies leaders than ever.

Slightly more than nine months back, I  wrote a  Mother’ ersus Day essay on the bad logos of the weapon violence prevention (GVP) movement .

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Shaun Bezos’ security consultant says Saudi government hacked Amazon CEO’s telephone

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

The Saudi authorities hacked into Jeff Bezos’ cell phone and accessed private information, according to brand new details shared by the Amazon CEO’ s security consultant.

Gavin de Becker, the man Bezos assigned to investigate how The National Enquirer obtained private text messages sent among him and his alleged mistress Lauren Sanchez, published an opinion piece within The Everyday Beast   Saturday that will marks the latest chapter in this continuing saga.

The Enquirer published the text messages two days right after Bezos announced in January which he and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, decided to divorce after 25 years of relationship. On Feb. 7, Bezos released a stunning  write-up on Medium where the Amazon founder accused the Enquirer and its owner American Media Incorporation. of extortion. He said AMI had threatened to publish a number of precise photos of Bezos if this individual didn’ t call off the personal investigation led by de Becker and say publicly that AMI’ s coverage was not politically inspired.

In today’ ersus post, de Becker reveals that will “ our investigators and several specialists concluded with high confidence the fact that Saudis had access to Bezos’ cell phone, and gained private information. As of today, it really is unclear to what degree, if any kind of, AMI was aware of the details. ”

The Daily Animal previously documented that the Saudis had been targeting Bezos, who also possesses The Washington Post. This past Oct, Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed at a Saudi consulate in Turki .

“ A few Americans will be surprised to learn how the Saudi government has been very intention on harming Jeff Bezos considering that last October, when the Post began the relentless coverage of Khashoggi’ s i9000 murder, ” de Becker had written in his post.

Sobre Becker also called out the “ well-documented and close relationship” in between Saudi Arabia and AMI chief David Pecker. His investigation is currently in the hands of federal authorities.

Meanwhile, Michael Sanchez, the brother of Lauren Sanchez, who has been accused of delivering private messages to the Enquirer, do an interview with The New York Post that also published on Sunday.

We’ ve provided to Amazon for comment and can update this post if we hear back again. will shut down Spokane office, lay off 64 employees

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( Image), a 20-year-old small business marketing company, will shut down its Spokane, Wash. office and lay off 64 employees.

A spokesperson confirmed the layoffs after the state’s Employment Security office posted a WARN notice Friday. Here’s a statement from the company, which has more than 2,000 employees worldwide:

As a leading provider of internet products and services, and one that operates in a fast-paced environment, we occasionally have to shift our focus on the type of skills and talent required to satisfy our customers’ changing needs. Sometimes, this means an adjustment to our workforce. On Friday we made the difficult but necessary decision to inform our Spokane employees that positions are either being discontinued in May or will transfer to other offices that already conduct similar customer-facing work. As a result, we plan to close the Spokane office later this year.

While Friday’s news is always difficult to convey, we are excited about’s future. With 2,150 employees throughout North America and around the world, we anticipate hiring several hundred employees this year and look forward to opening our new Jacksonville, Fla. headquarters this summer., previously known as Website Pros Inc., arrived in Spokane in 2002 after it acquired Spokane-based e-commerce startup Innuity.

The company posted revenue of $749 million in 2017. It uses a subscription-based business model and offers services including domains, hosting, website design and management, SEO, online marketing, e-commerce products, and more. has 2,150 employees, down from around 3,600 in 2017. It was acquired by an affiliate of Siris Capital Group this past October for approximately $2 billion.