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Leggo his Eggo: Jeff Bezos doesn’t waffle on his love for ‘Stranger Things’ as he binges Netflix hit

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“Stranger Things” Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. (Netflix Photo)

Jeff Bezos may own his own streaming television network in the form of Amazon Prime Video, but he still found time this weekend to binge the competition’s hottest series.

In a post on Instagram Monday evening, the Amazon CEO said that he watched all of Season 3 of “Stranger Things” on Sunday with his kids and a few of their friends.

“God, Eggos are good, and the show was even better. Awesome season,” Bezos wrote, holding up a box of the toaster-ready breakfast waffles in his photo, in a nod to the character Eleven, who loved the food. In the background of the image was a DIY version of the show’s alphabet wall, complete with holiday lights.

“Stranger Things” returned to Netflix on July 4 and the hype extended beyond one tech titan. Microsoft got in on the act with the release of a Windows 1.0-inspired app tied to the date of that operating system’s release and the show’s setting — 1985.

A Completely Submerged “Chilled Server!?”–A Novel Idea Good for Both the Global Environment and the ICT Society (Part 1)

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In the ICT society, the number of Internet-connected devices and sensors continues to grow astronomically. Handling the huge amount of heat generated by data centers and IT devices is an urgent issue to ensure stable system operation as well as the health of the global environment. Fujitsu has developed a novel liquid immersion cooling system that cools down servers by completely immersing them in liquid. This system won the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (for the first time) and the Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity (second year in a row, sixth time overall). For this article, we interviewed Takashi Yamamoto, leader of the R&D project, about the process for commercializing this technology and its future potential.

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A Completely Submerged “Chilled Server!?”–A Novel Idea Good for Both the Global Environment and the ICT Society (Part 2)

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Extreme weather events are reported all over the world. The need for technologies to help prevent global warming continues to rise. The liquid immersion cooling system developed by Yamamoto’s team reduces the entire server system’s power consumption by nearly 40% compared to those with conventional air cooling systems. Because it can easily demonstrate effects even in severe environments, people worldwide are paying close attention to the system.

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Seattle biotech startup OncoSenX raises $3M to develop tumor-killing therapeutics

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Matthew Scholz. Matthew Scholz Photo)

Seattle biotech startup OncoSenX has reeled in $3 million to advance its pipeline of therapeutics that aim to kill cancer cells based on their genetics.

OncoSenX’s technology targets solid tumors based on a patented lipid nanoparticle gene delivery system and a highly targeted DNA payload. The company claims that its approach is “a less invasive, more precise intervention” of cancer therapy.

OncoSenX is a spinout out of Oisin Biotechnologies, a 5-year-old Seattle company led by veteran biotech entrepreneur Matthew Scholz, who is CEO of OncoSenX. Gary Hudson, a private spaceflight entrepreneur, co-founded Oisin with Scholz and is chairman of OncoSenX.

“These funds will allow us to accelerate the preclinical research necessary for us to begin phase 1 clinical development,” Scholz said in a statement. “We believe our non-viral gene therapy for solid tumors represents the first in a new class of cancer therapeutics.”

John Lewis, chief science officer, said that the platform “has the potential to precisely kill cancer cells based on the mutations they harbor.”

“If substantiated in the clinic, the platform could deliver reduced toxicity and improved tolerability over conventional chemotherapy, with the potential for superior targeting over biologics or even CAR-T therapy,” Lewis said in a statement.

Scholz previously founded and led gene therapy company Immusoft; he departed in January 2018 but remains on the board.

Microsoft has caused an uproar among its partners by canceling one of their favorite perks: software for their own use (MSFT)

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  • Over the course of the next year, Microsoft will stop allowing its partners to use its software for their own businesses as a perk — and instead, charge them, same as anybody else. 
  • These partners are the companies that sell, support and develop their own add-ons to Microsoft’s products and services.
  • Some partners are so upset with the change that they’ve signed an internet petition ahead of the company’s giant partner conference in Las Vegas next week.
  • Microsoft says it is balancing the resources it gives its partners to encourage them to focus on its cloud.
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Some 1,800 people so far have signed an internet petition in protest of changes Microsoft has made to its reseller partner programs.

The big change is that Microsoft is doing away with one of its most beloved and valuable perks: As of July 1, 2020, the tech titan will no longer allow its partners to use Microsoft software internally in their own business for free as part of their low-cost annual subscription to its partner program.

Subscription rates to that program currently range from $475 a year for small partners to $4,730 a year for its gold-level partners. And, until this announcement, all levels included access to any Microsoft software.

On top of that, Microsoft will also ending their partners’ access to technical support for on-premises software. 

Partners authorized to sell specific Microsoft software will still be granted limited licenses to use that software as part of their sales process, such as product demos, or to test their homegrown apps built on top of that software. But if they want to use the software internally, they’ll have to pay up, just like everybody else.

In announcing these changes it’s clear Microsoft is going to war with its partners,” the petition reads, in part. 

The changes had been slowly announced over the past couple of months. But the petition was launched in the run-up to Microsoft Inspire, its annual partner conference, being held next week in Las Vegas. The petition was posted July 7th and by July 8th, almost 1,800 people had signed it.

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‘Microsoft is going to war with its partners’

Allowing the channel partners who sell and support Microsoft software to use that software every day themselves has historically been seen as a common-sense policy, just as it makes sense that Microsoft employees would be allowed to use Microsoft software.

Last year a record-breaking 18,000 attendees came to Microsoft’s partner conference, representing just a fraction of Microsoft’s worldwide partners. This means that Microsoft could suddenly be asking tens of thousands of businesses to start paying it for software.

“For some partners this is going to cost them thousands of dollars a month extra,” the petition proclaims. It points out the example of a small partner with 15 employees that specializes in selling Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft’s competitor to Salesforce. 

“To ask a company using 15 x Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement licenses to now pay $160 each for them doesn’t sit right. That’s $2400 a month,” the petition says. 

Microsoft’s perspective

Microsoft, however, says that it is merely rebalancing its investment to encourage its partners to move in the direction it needs them to go: away from software and into the cloud.

Microsoft wants its partners to focus on advanced cloud technologies, rather than software, and is doing its part by creating more specialty certifications, it said in a blog post in May that teased these changes. New specialties includes everything from SAP on Microsoft’s cloud Azure to security certifications. The company says those that qualify for its upper-level Silver or Gold level programs may also be eligible for new programs intended to help them with marketing. 

Several resellers told CRN’s Kyle Alspach that they are not worried about giving up the perk of Microsoft software because they have already moved away from on-premise software internally. Another said that push for more specialized technical certifications will help each of them compete in Microsoft’s enormous network of partners. Another said that nudging partners away from software is no surprise, given how Microsoft is pushing the cloud.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a spokesperson gave a statement to CRN. 

“Like any business, we need to prioritize where we are going to commit funds,” the spokesperson told CRN, adding “While we understand this may be an adjustment for our partners, we believe the evolution of our partner business investments will allow partners to better capitalize on the cloud opportunity.”

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