March 7, 2020

Poll: Which business buzzword should be retired in 2020?

We recently asked our community of IT leaders and experts to share the words or phrases they wish people would stop using in 2020. Afterward, readers chimed in and shared the business speak that bugs them. 
That got us thinking. What is the most-hated business buzzword? We’ve narrowed the list to five words that are particularly pervasive when business and technology leaders start collaborating. We also incorporated some suggestions from readers, including “leverage,” which came from a commenter named Brooke, who wrote:
“Leverage should be in this list for sure! For the same reasons DevOps, Agile and Value-add are. It’s used incorrectly more often than not. If you’re going to USE software to do the job it is intended for, you’re not leveraging it. (And you’re not UTILIZING it, either!).”
It’s hard to pick just one. Which will you choose? 
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What if you could erase one piece of business jargon from the vocabulary of everyone you meet? Tell us which buzzword must go

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