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The new equation for total reward strategies

What workers value in terms of employee reward has changed over the past decade, but employers keep offering the same menu of choices. PwC analysis shows that companies can save money–as much as US$2,800 per employee per year–and attract and retain top talent if they use data analytics to understand what people want and provide a menu of options in their total reward offerings to suit everyone.

Why bigger isn't always better in banking

Brown Brothers has survived and thrived for more than two centuries in the highly competitive banking sector. In Inside Money, a new book about the storied firm, author Zachary Karabell describes how conservatism and pragmatism are viable strategies for surviving multiple disruptions.

Making transformation stick

Three steps can help leaders ensure that their change efforts don’t fall apart once the initial push is over.

What is your personal leadership brand?

Developing a leadership brand that embodies your values and can easily be articulated will help senior managers get the most out of their teams. Adam Bryant explains how to develop a personal elevator pitch and why it is important.

Mark Carney on a values-led economy

In an interview about his new book Value(s): Building a Better World for All, Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, speaks about the shape of the recovery and how businesses can contribute to a purposeful future.

How to help India's farmers

Reforming the food sector in India will require businesses and government to work together and change not just how produce is sold but also every part of how agricultural products are grown, processed, and distributed.

The rise of the eco-friendly consumer

During the pandemic, consumers have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of their shopping decisions, and consumer companies are responding.

Building on the gains made from remote work

Offices are reopening, and employees are resuming their commutes. Josh Levs writes that it’s crucial businesses not lose the gains they’ve made in the past year in allowing employees to work from home.

Tolaram's diversified strategy for growth in Africa

In this Inside the Mind of the CEO interview, Sajen Aswani, chief executive of Tolaram Group–the maker of a brand of instant noodles popular in Nigeria, among other diversified holdings–discusses how the company is planning for growth in African markets with products that are affordable, acceptable, and available.

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