8 Questions to Ask In-Store Shoppers About COVID-19

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Tools, like Gartner's Consumer COVID-19 Concerns Tracker, help marketing and customer experience leaders observe the shifting and differing concerns of consumers as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most consistent patterns we see is the relatively high level of concern consumers have about in-store shopping. This concern consistently ranks within the top-10 to top-15 of all consumer concerns tracked by our survey tool. Thus, retail marketing and customer experience leaders have an urgent task in front of them. While it has always been important to track customer expectations, it's even more of a priority now. Maintaining a pulse on your customer's perception of and response to your company's COVID-19 protocols is absolutely critical. For example, after a customer completes an in-store transaction, consider sending them a post-purchase survey. If you do, you can use the eight questions below to measure customer satisfaction with the actions your company has taken to relieve in-store shopping anxiety. 8 Questions to Ask Your Customers How concerned were you about making an in-person store visit given the COVID-19 Pandemic? How comfortable were you overall with the safety of your experience? What could we have done to make you feel more comfortable? Questions 4 - 8 follow a similar phrasing. How satisfied were you with - The availability of face masks for customers who needed them? The proactive cleaning of commonly touched surfaces? The available information regarding health and safety standards before visiting the store? The store-practiced social distancing standards? The Bottom Line U.S. consumer outlook will likely remain sour (subscription required) well into 2021. Climbing COVID-19 case counts and snags in vaccine delivery will create further stress. Ultimately, many consumers will remain uncertain about activities that once felt normal, like in-store shopping. For that reason, taking steps to boost customer confidence, especially among those who prefer to shop in-store, is absolutely necessary. But knowing what's working and what's not should not be left to guess work. Instead, you should develop a customer research and survey plan that helps you spot weaknesses in and take action to strengthen your COVID-19 response. [caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Which way is your COVID-19 response going? Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash[/caption]

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