A New Report on Emerging Technologies and Trends for Enterprise Software

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Two weeks ago we published our first Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for Enterprise Software (full report available to subscribing Gartner clients). It is the result of 4 months' work from 20 co-authors, many more contributors and the entire Technology and Service Provider Software Market Community at Gartner. This Impact Radar includes 21 emerging technologies and trends with horizontal impact on enterprise software technology providers. They are all related to the ability to pivot forward and accelerate business opportunities. They cover both the “what” and the “how”: areas for product investment, foundational technologies and nontechnology trends. Here is the summary of the Enterprise Software ETT Radar. Three Main Themes We have mapped these 21 emerging technologies and trends with three über-themes: Redesign of the product delivery foundation toward greater agility. Enterprise software technology providers have to match their customers’ needs for greater agility. An essential foundational element is the providers' own agility of product delivery. This need encompasses development tools, organizational structures and underlying infrastructure. Data-driven components getting into the fabric of software. A range of data-driven technologies with related services is driving productization across enterprise software markets. These technologies become pervasive across software markets through this decade and beyond. The future of enterprise software applications is composable. The traditional model of packaged applications will prove insufficient. This is due to the pace of delivery or the fit to requirements that customers are asking for. How to Read this Report We have analyzed each technology or trend in this radar under two significant aspects of impact. The first aspect, called “range,” is measured in years to early majority adoption. Early majority adoption is when technology adoption is “ready for prime time.” The second aspect, called “mass”, examines the extent of the impact on existing products and markets in both breadth and depth.   Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Enterprise Software (G00727641) - By John Kostoulas, Fabrizio Biscotti, Jim Hare, Craig Roth, Chris Pang, Wataru Katsurashima, Roger W. Cox, Bindi Bhullar, Laurie Wurster, Alys Woodward, Balaji Abbabatulla, Annette Jump, Cathy Tornbohm, Sid Nag, John Santoro, Mark Driver, Alfonso Velosa, Chris Meering, Eric Goodness, Alan Dayley. This report is part of a series of Emerging Technologies and Trends reports available to subscribing Gartner Clients.

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