Day in the Life of an Industry Analyst at Gartner's (Virtual) IT Symposium Xpo 2020 – Day 1

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Monday 19 2020 6.01am Unlike normal physical IT Symposium, this year we are all virtual.  So, I am at home and need to get up as normal to walk the dog and get the rest of the household ready for work and school. 8.05am Mused to gauge the state of my mind before the first full day of 1-1s.   8.25am – Had to apply PC software updates – why does IT scheduled this or not hold them up for last week or next?  Bit of a risk doing updates right before a whole day on online 1-1s.  Thankfully went OK. 8.32am – Started to clear my inbox.  Alas no Grande White Chocolate Mocha – my preference when on site in Orlando.  Had to do with my home coffee. 8.54am – Publish my blog for the event: Intro to Gartner IT Symposium Xpo 2020: From Drills to Data and Ingots to Information 9.14am – Called into a regular inquiry. 9.50am – Quick coffee break and walk the dog (literally) before the storm. 11am – Called into Gartner Keynote.  It seemed to go off very well.  Of course, I knew something about what was going to be said.  Loved the story.  Data and analytics, central to digital business, is front and center again.  Last year decision making (intelligence) was part of the keynote; this year the composability angle was explored.  As you will see at my next post, my blog for Tuesday, we merge intelligence and composability going forward. 12 noon – Wanted to use my bike downstairs for a 30-minute work out but the PC crashed and had to be re-booted; and it didn’t want to re-boot.  Lost 15 minutes messing around with the thing so lost the chance at the bike. 12.20pm – Some lunch.  Not very healthy today – Cheese and biscuits. 12.45pm – back at deck – PC in one piece – doing emails. 1pm – Called into first virtual 1-1…kept going until 3.30pm.  Nipped downstairs to walk the dog.  She was bursting. 3.30pm – Back to 1-1s. 6.14pm – Finished with 1-1s and email follow ups.  Most emails sorted out, but some work is piling up.  Need to break and head down to prepare dinner for family. Day 1 summary of 1-1s: Industries: Apparel 1 Bio/Pharma 1 Communications/Entertainment 1 Financial Services 1 Food and Beverage 1 Healthcare 1 IT Sector 1 Public Sector 1 Industry Types: Manufacturing/Distribution 2 Services 5 Public Sector 1 Topics: Analytics Strategy (only) 2 (broader/full) Data and Analytics Strategy 1 Data and Analytics Governance and/or MDM 3 Enterprise Information Management 1 Organization 1 Role/Title: Business development manager 1 CIO 1 Chief Quality Officer 1 Director Analytics 1 EIM Manager IT Director 1 Manager, Business Applications Other 1  

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