Day in the Life of an Industry Analyst at Gartner’s (Virtual) IT Symposium Xpo 2020 – Day 2

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Tuesday October 21 2020 6.01am – Up and at it – walking dog – then getting breakfast, watch CNBC, read the newspaper and then get family up and out the door. 7.01am – At the desk cleaning up day 1 blog; did some HR work; prepared for 1-1’s today.  Didn’t clear the inbox alas.  Too many so falling behind.  I hate that. 8.05am – Regular inquiry unrelated to IT Symposium due 8.15am.  Went to go prepare for it and found an inconsistency in our system.  My outlook showed a call, but our online, real time system showed now call.  Checked with the admin guys and they told me the call was cancelled.  Stepped away from the desk to get some more coffee and take my Muse.     Came back to find out that the client HAD called in!  So somewhere some communication had broken down and our system was out of sync.  Don’t you just hate that?  Will now likely need to squeeze this back in to the schedule – somewhere – as an urgent inquiry.  Great. 8.35am – Email summary and resources to client; head down for a coffee re-fill. 9am – First 1-1 – here we go… 11.40am – My 11.30am did not show up!  First no-show of the event.  Bliss.  I get some free time to dive into emails from our customer service team asking to set up or validate inquiries.  Spent 25 minutes clearing out the urgent stuff. 12.00 noon – Headed downstairs to change and hit the bike!  I need this – to get my hear rate up and clean out some dead weight.  Will also help freshen up the mind. 12.40pm – All showered and dressed for the afternoon.  Grabbed my meal supplement of choice (Soylent – Strawberry of course and a strawberry yogurt too).  Boiled the kettle for a cup of tea and went back to (standing) desk to do more emails.  Not enough time to get ahead this week – its all just a blur and a big rush. 1.30pm – Would you believe, second now-show!  Must be a good lunch! 2.00pm – Back to work…more 1-1s now…break at 3.30pm then back to the video until 4.30pm.  Cleared up some email and looked at the analysis of our most-read research last week.  I do a week-by-week chart of the “most-read” D&A research and I publish a top 20 chart every week.  Here is last week’s chart.  Fittingly Julian Sun’s recent note on Composable Analytics (Composable Analytics Shapes the Future of Analytics Applications) re-entered the chart at “number 1” spot.  It was our most read piece of research last week across all D&A excluding branded research such as Magic Quadrants and Hype Cycles.  It is fitting due to the message of our 2020 IT Symposium Xpo is Composable Business. 5.00pm one more 1-1 5.55pm – Completed all the follow-up emails to the attendees who had 1-1s today.  Will struggle to work through email while I prepare dinner… Day 2 summary of 1-1s (18 total) Industries: Apparel 1 Bio/Pharma 1 Communications & High Tech; Consumer and Entertainment 2 Financial Services 4 Grocery / Food and Beverage 3 Healthcare 3 IT Sector 1 Paper and Pulp 1 Public Sector 1 Sustainability 1 Industry Types: Manufacturing 4 Services 11 Public Sector 1 Retail and e-Commerce 2 Topics: Analytics Strategy (only) 2 (broader/full) Data and Analytics Strategy 8 Data and Analytics Governance and/or MDM 7 Enterprise Information Management 2 Organization 1 Role/Title: Business development manager 1 Chief Data Officer 1 CIO 3 Chief Quality Officer 1 Director Analytics 1 Director Database Engineering 1 Developer Manager 1 EIM Manager 1 IT Director 2 VP Analytics/VP Data 1 VP BI and Applications 1 VP or Manager, Business Applications 2 VP Innovation 1 Other 1

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