Day in the Life of an Industry Analyst at Gartner’s (Virtual) IT Symposium Xpo 2020 – Day 4

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It was a busy, fun, most interesting week.  I hope everyone who joined our sessions and 1-1's extracted the value and answers they looked for.  My 1-1's were very interesting, as always.  Almost every organization I spoke to is struggling with data and analytics and trying to work out how to re-engineer how their business leaders take decisions.  Here is an overview of my week's 1-1s. The Week's Summary of 1-1s (45 total): Industries: Financial Services/Banking 12 Grocery / Food and Beverage 6 IT Sector (tech, consulting etc.) 4 Public Sector 4 Communications & High Tech; Consumer and Entertainment 4 Healthcare 3 Higher Education 3 Apparel/Footwear 2 Bio/Pharma 1 Energy 1 Household/Hard Goods 1 Industrial Automation 1 Paper and Pulp 1 Sustainability 1 Travel 1 Industry Types: Services 25 Manufacturing/Distribution 14 Public Sector 4 Retail and e-Commerce 2 Topics: (broader/full) Data and Analytics Strategy 20 Data and Analytics Governance and/or MDM 15 Organization, Leadership, Roles etc. 6 Silver bullet/shiny object syndrome 6 Best Practices across D&A/generally 5 Advanced Analytics/ML or AI 4 Data Management 4 Enterprise Information Management 4 Analytics Strategy (only) 3 Data Monetization 1 Innovation 1 Role/Title: Business development manager 1 Chief Data Officer/CDO 4 CEO 1 CIO 5 CTO 1 Chief Quality Officer 1 Director Analytics 1 Director Database Engineering 1 Director Data Mgt and Advanced Analytics 1 Data Governance 1 Developer Manager 1 Director 1 Enterprise Architect 1 EIM Manager 1 Finance Reporting 1 Global Digital Transformation 1 IT Director 3 Manager IT 1 Manager D&A 1 Snr Director Strategy 1 Senior IT Manager – Applications 1 VP 1 VP Analytics/VP Data 3 VP BI and Applications 1 VP/CTO 1 VP Engineering 1 VP IT 2 VP or Manager, Business Applications 2 VP Innovation 1 VP Tech customer experience 1 Other 2 The Week's Most Popular “sent” Research as Follow Up to 1-1: Digital Strategy Infused with Data and Analytics: How to Make Data and Analytics Central to Your Digital Transformation Initiative Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 “Organizations, driven by the ever-increasing pace of that change, are accelerating their digital business strategies. As a result, they need to quickly make business decisions in support of business moments, informed by relevant data. They must then adapt their capabilities to act on those decisions in near real time.” Improve Decision Making Using Decision Intelligence Models D&A Leadership/Chief Data Officer: Leadership Vision for 2021: Data and Analytics How CDOs Can Use Data Storytelling to Engage and Influence Stakeholders Toolkit: Chief Data Officer Job Description Overall Data and Analytics Strategy: Recorded Webinar: Emerging Practices for a Data-driven Strategy Toolkit: Creating a Modern Data and Analytics Strategy and Operating Model Tie Your Data and Analytics Initiatives to Stakeholders and Their Business Goals How to Craft a Modern, Actionable Data and Analytics Strategy That Delivers Business Outcomes  Modern Data and Analytics Governance: Design an Effective Information Governance Strategy And associated recorded webinar Overview of the outcome-based approach to D&A Governance Use Gartner’s Value Pyramid to Connect Data and Analytics to Business Value And associated recorded webinar Drill-down on the “link data to outcome” idea we recommend to prioritize how to connect the teams around shared outcomes Data and Analytics Governance Requires a Comprehensive Range of Policy Types Discusses the need to connect the disparate silos of data privacy, data security, and data quality etc. How Augmented Data Management Capabilities Are Impacting MDM and Data Governance Toolkit: Data and Analytics Governance Role Descriptions Toolkit: Data and Analytics Governance Organizational Structures Organizing the Work of Data and Analytics: Where to Organize the Work of Data and Analytics What Are the Must-Have Roles for Data and Analytics? Other notes we identified: Build a Data Quality Operating Model to Drive Data Quality Assurance The Gartner Digital Business Value Model: A Framework for Measuring Business Performance The Week's Most Popular Shown Slides or Images Discussed During 1-1s: Image 1: Gartner's Data and Analytics Strategy and Operating Model Image 2: Gartner's Decision Intelligence Model   Image 3: The Data and Analytics Continuum (summary version of the Data and Analytics Infrastructure Model   Image 4: Gartner Value Pyramid   Image 5: Gartner's Three Rings of Data and Analytics Governance   Image 6: And yes, too often someone would either ask for or admit there isn't, a shiny object or shiny object syndrome

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