Get The Right Tool For The Right Job

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I used to call my late father a "tool psychic." On many holidays and birthdays, he would give me some new or different kind of tool that would cause me to ask, "Why did he give me that?" Sure enough, within a few months, I would be doing a repair or putting together a toy or piece of furniture and find myself needing that exact tool. When it comes to infrastructure, it can be very challenging to select the right management tool for the right job, particularly with the ongoing evolution being driven by digital business.  When you take a look at the management tool landscape, it is filled with a myriad of potentially overlapping choices. So how does one make the right selection? My Gartner colleagues, Dennis Smith and Roger Williams have produced a document that is designed to help infrastructure and operations leaders implement an effective tool selection plan.  That piece is entitled, Rethink Your Infrastructure Management Tool Selection Strategy, and it contains some very valuable advice on navigating through this sea of different tools to make optimal choices. If you are not lucky enough to have a "tool psychic" on your team like I had, then turn to the next best thing--an insightful strategy to get the right tool for the right job.

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