Here’s why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just showed up on stage at Samsung’s big event

Here’s why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just showed up on stage at Samsung’s big event

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks on stage at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday. (Samsung livestream screenshot)

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Actors and musicians usually make special celebrity appearances at big tech press events.

Samsung took a different route on Wednesday at Galaxy Unpacked 2019 as the mobile giant surprised the crowd by inviting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on stage.

So why was Nadella there? Samsung and Microsoft are cozying up in a big way across various products and services.

Samsung today unveiled its new flagship Note 10 device, which has Windows 10 integration features meant to bridge the gap between PCs and smartphones. The Verge reported that the Note 10 has “more Microsoft in it than any other Android phone,” including several native apps such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Your Phone, which lets users make and receive calls from their Windows 10 device, among other features.

Samsung and Microsoft have partnered in the past but today’s announcements mark a doubling down of sorts. It’s notable given Microsoft’s past struggles with its smartphone business and Samsung’s relationship with other tech giants. And it’s a departure from five years ago, when Microsoft sued Samsung over Android patent licensing deal.

Microsoft will sell the Note 10 in its Microsoft Store locations around the world. Samsung also today unveiled the new Galaxy Book S which was developed in partnership with Microsoft and Qualcomm. Check out Microsoft’s blog post for more details.

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