Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks

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SAFe and the "Spotify" model are the two most used frameworks for Enterprise Agile, but there is no single approach that suits all organizations.   CIOs responsible for scaling Agile should consider different frameworks noting your organization’s culture, maturity and stakeholder needs. Pay attention to sufficient training, consulting, and support in your geography. Ensure success by building agile team capabilities Engaging leadership around outcome-based value propositions.   Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks Published: 09 February 2021 ID: G00734564 Analyst(s): Mike West , Deacon D.K Wan , Bill Blosen , Akis Sklavounakis , Wan Fui Chan Enterprise agile frameworks address the needs of application leaders delivering digital business solutions designed to scale agile product development across multiple teams. This Market Guide provides a snapshot of this evolving market and insight into differences among enterprise agile frameworks.    
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