New Publications: December 2020

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We are excited to share 3 publications this month. First, we published an analysis of three ways organizations can monetize their data, based on our successful Virtual Executive Retreat from earlier this fall. Second, we collaborated with the CIO Research team to publish a strategy template that will help D&A leaders in midsize enterprises design and organize their D&A strategy.  Finally, we published an Ignition Guide that gives clients step-by-step instructions for creating a ML model and measuring its impact on business value. Publication Summaries Business Value of D&A:  Ignition Guide to Creating, Measuring, and Improving the Performance of a Machine Learning Model Measuring the performance of a machine learning model is sometimes more of an art than a science. Follow these steps to measure and improve your machine learning model! 3 Ways to Monetize Data and Analytics Learn how three progressive organizations overcome common roadblocks to monetize data and analytics! Data & Analytics Strategy and Planning Tool: Data and Analytics Strategy Template This tool can help clients in mid-size enterprises develop and organize their D&A strategy   Want even more great content? You can find a complete list of our publications here.   Thanks and best wishes, Jitendra Subramanyam, VP & Team Manager, Ben Hertzberg, Director, Farhod Yuldashev, Senior Principal, Ethan Green, Senior Specialist, Ariel Silbert, Senior Specialist, Shelly Thackston, Senior Specialist,

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