New Research: Marketing Execution by Industry

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Next week, Gartner for Marketers will launch an area of dedicated research focused on how the execution of digital marketing strategies varies from one industry to another. Our foundation for this body of literature is the Gartner Digital IQ Index, which benchmarks the digital efforts of 1,400+ brands across 16 discrete industry verticals—ranging from Auto to Travel & Hospitality to Retail Banking. Examples of Role-Based Advice This is an exciting development for our clients, as it builds upon a strong foundation of role-based research. For many client inquiries specific to digital marketing, role matters more than industry specialization. How do I design a content strategy that can enhance my SEO performance? What is the best day of the week or optimal time of day to upload new social media content? What models for UI/UX lead to higher visitor engagement? How do I achieve higher visibility in the App Store for my latest mobile offering?  While there definitely exist nuances from industry to industry, the general guidance for these questions does not vary dramatically based on whether your business is selling cars versus booking hotel rooms versus marketing highly regulated financial products and services. The answers tend to vary far more depending on your exact role within the organization and the tools at your disposal to affect change. Examples of Industry-Based Advice However, our clients also challenge us with more immediate questions that require industry contextualization. How do I introduce a new vehicle to market without relying on the traditional auto show circuit? Where can we achieve greater visibility against the search terms that new disruptors (e.g., Airbnb) have come to dominate? Are other financial institutions witnessing similar changes in marketing channel allocation (or is it just me)? Best of Both Worlds... When it comes to digital marketing execution in 2021, it remains critical that our clients continue to challenge us on both the strategic and tactical questions. Oftentimes, broad inquiries will require advice that pivots from role-based to industry-specific as we break down a problem into its component parts. On the industry side of the equation, identifying clear best practices, contextualizing them for a well-defined business model, and providing applicable benchmarks within (or adjacent to) your peer set can remove a great deal of fear, undercertainy, and doubt from the decision-making calculus. Because as a core tenet of marketing dictates: “What gets measured, gets managed.”

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