One Consumer Value CPG Marketers Should Incorporate Right Away

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In a tumultuous year that turned habits and routines upside down, consumers adapted their usage and procurement of CPG products to their at-home lifestyles. This sent sales of many CPG categories soaring – from home cleaners to lawn care. It also led to a rapid acceleration of e-commerce in the category. Throughout the year, consumers tried new products and approaches to managing their lives. That’s the part of the story we know all too well. Now, CPG marketers are challenged to determine what these changes mean for their 1, 3, and 5-year strategic plans. It’s crucial to identify the best ways to engage consumers in this ever-evolving landscape. Gartner’s research can provide insight into the most relevant consumer needs to help marketers focus their plans. For instance, one particularly important consumer value presents a rich opportunity for CPG marketers – the value of simplicity. Out of 93 values we study annually, the value of simplicity – “I strive to live a simple and uncluttered life” – has climbed 18 rank spots since 2010. This presents a great opportunity for CPG brands to serve up products and educational content that will help consumers incorporate routines and usage occasions that simplify their lives. As subcategories within CPG can be quite complex in terms of suggested uses, ingredients, etc. consumers appreciate content that simplifies decision-making and builds their confidence in products and purchases. Here are some examples. Build content around recommended routines to make usage occasions simple. Scotts offers “Lawn Care Made Beautifully Simple” with a subscription program that personalizes a plan for consumers to receive “exactly what your lawn needs at just the right time to apply it.” And all it requires is 10-15 minutes of care a few times a year. Zarbee’s Naturals launched a “Calming Line” of easy-to-use products, like lavender-scented Calming Bedtime Spray, to help parents turn bedtime into a simple, soothing ritual. In the food and beverage category, Barilla created eight Spotify playlists with run times equal to the cooking times of different pasta shapes, making it easy and enjoyable for consumers to achieve that perfect texture. Ask yourself today - how can you simplify your consumers’ lives?

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