Organizations can improve labor productivity by addressing carbon emissions

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While counter intuitive, the idea of labor productivity is directly linked to organizational culture, higher levels of innovation and access to capital. Each of these areas are positively impacted by addressing carbon. Greenhouse emissions are being imputed by various socially minded organizations from publicly available data. Every industry is impacted by the need to address this urgent problem. I would make an argument that the old measures of industrial productivity applicable in the services economy are irrelevant in the experience economy. As the various events of this year showcased, the organization is but part of the society we live in. The relationship of the organization with its stakeholders including customers, society and partners needs to be evaluated as we move from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. Can we afford to spend the capital and resources necessary to do the right thing? What if the goals are not really counter to labor productivity but rather enhances it? What if we can positively impact outcomes including financial metrics of the organization by addressing carbon emissions and other sustainability initiatives? These Maverick reports from Gartner address various elements of this puzzle and offer potential solutions: Maverick* Research: Make Carbon Integral to the Labor Productivity Equation Maverick* Research: Sustainability Will Be the Guiding Principle for Digital Age Entrepreneurial Leadership Maverick* Research: Treat Climate Change as the Biggest Business Opportunity Since the Dawn of Time [embed][/embed] Keen to know how you think about this topic. Leave comments.

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