T-Mobile teams up with Comcast to rein in robocalls

T-Mobile teams up with Comcast to rein in robocalls

T-Mobile CEO John Legere talks at CES in 2017. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

T-Mobile is teaming up with Comcast to detect robocalls between the two networks, the companies announced Wednesday. The partnership is in reaction to FCC pressure and customer {disappointment|aggravation|stress|annoyance} over ballooning spam calls, which usually reached a good all-time high within 2017.

Customers putting calls between T-Mobile and Comcast’ s home voice service (on certain devices) will see whether the {unknown caller is|harasser is} verified as a human. {The brand new|The newest} spam detection tools are available for T mobile customers across 10 smartphones {nowadays|these days} and will roll out to Comcast clients later this year.

“ Robocalls and spam calls {is surely an|invariably is an} industry-wide problem, and we’ ve got to join forces to keep consumers {guarded|safeguarded|shielded|secured}, ” said T-Mobile CEO {Steve|David|Ruben|Bob|Mark} Legere in a statement.

The new authentication tools were created following FCC standards for {junk e-mail|junk mail} calls known as STIR/SHAKEN . It’ s a procedure by which calls going through airwaves are usually identified by the originating carrier {because|since} authentic and then validated by {some other|additional|various other} carriers before reaching consumers.

In 2018, the FCC ordered the telephone industry to {apply|put into action|carry out} authentication standards to combat robocalls. AT& T has also partnered with Comcast to implement the protocals but hasn’ t rolled {away|out there} its new authentication tools however.

T-Mobile’ s conformity comes as the company seeks regulatory approval from the FCC on its suggested merger with Sprint.

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