The Role of Data and Analytics in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Many moons ago I used to take inquiries that were oriented around the use of Master Data Management in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).  So much so that we wrote notes years ago about how MDM helped that effort, by helping speed-to-value post transaction by reconciling common clients, common suppliers, and common assets, etc.  We have come a long way since then.  During 2020 and in association with the response to Covid-19 Data and Analytics, addressing many chronic business issues and decisions, helped as many of those issues and decisions became actuate.  If you couple the fragile economic climate and erratic response from politicians around the world, there are potentially waves of M&A opportunity.  Many organizations that were well funded before 2020 might well be now flush with (cheap) money; many organizations that were steeped in debt that was due for servicing during 2020 might well be at risk.  The investment community is watching this space closely.  See Corporate dealmakers emerge from pandemic hibernation from the Economist in July 2020. We recently wrote a note to Executive Leaders highlight now the expanded role of data and analytics, not just MDM, in helping with numerous aspects of M&A.  Saul Judah published: Data and Analytics Is the Executive Leader’s Secret Weapon in Mergers and Acquisitions in December.  I just happened to see this PR piece today that talks to the story: Global M&A Activity Soars by 88% to $2.4 Trillion in H2 2020, Strongest Second Half in History.  This is clearly not a single wave that will impact all organizations equally.  Our global economy is in various states of change, rapid change, and so we might expect numerous waves, at different levels of intensity, across many industries.  As such, I might even surmise that our organizations will all see and experience multiple "new normals" - there won't be just one in our future.

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