Case Study- Balanced Scorecard for Strategic Effectictiveness

This case study explores the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard methodology in implementing corporate strategy – from vision to measurement and control. How effective is BSC in translating vision into strategy? Communicating strategic objectives? Quantifying and measuring results? The study helped identify critical success factors to successfully deploy BSC for strategy implementation.

Case Study – Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

This case study demonstrates the use of the balanced scorecard in the enterprise to develop and implement a strategy. What is the balanced scorecard (BSC)? How to develop goals? How to develop a strategy map? A quick example that can be used to create a balanced scorecard for your organization.

Case Study – How to Implement the Balanced Scorecard

This case study explores in-depth (100+ pages) the use of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology (BSC) to support strategy driven business decisions. The study does in depth into the development and implementation of the balanced scorecard in the enterprise. However, the highlight is the identification of limitations in BSC and recommendations on plugging those holes. Excellent Read!

Balanced Scorecard Examples

This presentation provides examples for the various elements of the balanced scorecard framework (BSC) – strategy maps, strategy canvas, SWOT etc. A good place to see a balanced scorecard in action. 

A Complete Guide to Implementing The Balanced Scorecard

This e-book provides step by step instructions to implementing the balanced scorecard in the enterprise. These in-depth (100+ pages) instruction start with explaining the essentials of the balanced scorecard framework (BSC), and then guidance on creating a balanced scorecard for your organization. Excellent Read!

Balanced Scorecard and Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, more than ever, organizations need to combine profits with social good. This workshop makes the connection between profits and the need to balance profits with the social and societal well-being – what is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? What is the balanced scorecard framework (BSC)? how to connect CSR with strategy? what are some examples of using BSC to align the profit motivation with societal needs?

Using the Balanced Scorecard for Competitive Advantage

This paper discusses the use of the balanced scorecard framework (BSC) to create competitive advantage – first, use SWOT analysis to determine critical success factors for competitive differentiation, then use the value chain to align these CSFs with key processes then use the BSC to measure and track success and make mid-course correction. Good Read!

Operationalizing Strategy Using the Balanced Scorecard

This chapter introduces the “balanced scorecard” (BSC) framework, discusses the benefits of BSC, how to use the BSC, provides examples of the implementation of BSC, discusses lessons learned from these implementations, and illustrates these techniques using a case study in the implementation of BSC.

Using the Balanced Scorecard

 This paper provides a general background, brief history of the balanced scorecard (BSC). It also discusses key issues surrounding BSC and provides recommendations for its implementation.