IT Risk Management Best Practices

This paper presents information technology risk management best practices along the processes used to manage risk in the enterprise. An excellent resource to understand leading practices in implementing risk management processes. 

Enterprise Risk Management

<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">This paper presents an enterprise risk management framework developed specifically for educational institutions. The paper also discusses the appropriate ERM roles for presidents, CFOs and other senior managers, and trustees from large and small, public and private institutions.</span>

COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework

This presentation provides an excellent introduction to COSO enterprise risk management framework and a step by step process to implement it in the enterprise. Good Discussion!

Managing Enterprise Risk

This paper presents the opinion and experiences of CIOs – and their peers – on enterprise risk management – what are the key issues in ERM? How to address risk management in the enterprise? who is responsible? what are some leading practices? Good Discussion!

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