internal controls

A Cobit Based IT Self Assessment Methodology

This IT self assessment tool can be used to identify gaps in capability and create the baseline for a benchmark against Cobit’s standards for best practice and identify opportunities for improvement.

Introduction to Cyber Forensics

This presentation provides an overview of cyber forensics – what is forensics? what is cyber forensics? who uses cyber forensics? what are the skills needed for cyber forensics?

Governance of High Risk Projects

The purpose of this report is to provide an independent assurance to government projects but its lessons are universally applicable – the same assurance discipline can be applied to IT investments.

The Role of IT Governance Controls in Accurate Financial Reporting

This presentation discusses the role of internal controls in ensuring accurate financial reporting. The presenter provides an overview of PCAOB, internal controls and their role in the audit of financial reporting, common issues with IT governance controls and how to address them.

Intro to Change Management and SDLC

This presentation discusses change management – definition, significance, types – change management controls, the impact of weak change management controls and best practices in change management along the software development life cycle (SDLC).

An Introduction to Computer Auditing

This paper provides an overview of computer audit – what are the main activities in conducting a computer audit and what is the role of the computer auditor?

Overview of COSO

Overview of COSO provides a definition of COSO – and internal controls – and the process to implement it.

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