Topic: introduction to it governance

The Emerging Role of IT Governance

 This article presents a comprehensive perspective on IT Governance rooted in business considerations – a point of view that takes you beyond the IT world and narrow concerns such as compliance and risk.

IT Governance Handbook

This handbook for beginners – written for people with little or no business experience – provides very good overviews of:<br /> 1) IT Governance<br /> 2) The COBIT Framework

COBIT as an IT Governance Framework

<h3>IT Governance Framework:&#160;<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-weight: normal; font-size: 12px; ">This presentation provides a good overview of IT Governance and COBIT and through that provides a connection between the two.</span></h3>

An Overview of IT Governance

What is the connection between IT Governance, IT Strategy, IT Value…? Wonder no more! An excellent presentation on IT Governance that connects the dots…

The a-b-c of IT Governance

The paper defines IT Governance and provides a good rationale for it. Sometimes good information comes from unlikely sources! Read On…

What is IT Governance?

IT governance has been discussed from a private sector perspective. This article aims to bridge the gap between private and public sector concepts and approaches on IT Governance.

Introduction to IT Governance

This presentation provides an in-depth introduction to information technology governance (IT Governance). What is it governance? Why is IT Governance important? How to create effective IT Governance? These questions, and more are answered in a very informative manner. Good Read!

Creating an IT Governance Roadmap

IT governance is an escalating issue for firms struggling with how to leverage IT to provide a competitive advantage for companies.

Operational IT Governance

This article introduces an operational approach to IT governance, describing governance as an intentional activity with its own lifecycle and artifacts. The authors then describes a value-based approach to IT governance processes and a set of principles that IT organizations can adapt to realize the benefits of governance in their business setting.

Editor's Picks

Sample IT Strategy Plan

A good IT Strategy Plan that you can use as a template to create your own.

IT Strategy Presentation

This in-depth – 78 pages – presentation goes into just about everything you would have wanted to know about IT Strategy aka business IT alignment (ICT Strategy, IS strategy, IS strategic alignment, IT Alignment, strategic information systems planning (SISP)…)

IT Strategy Example

This is an in-depth information technology strategic planning example that details the process and framework that CIOs can adapt to give direction to their own IT Organizations. Excellent Read!! (200 pages)

IT Strategy Template

Use this template to create an IT strategic plan for your organization – aligning business with IT strategy. IT Strategy Template can be downloaded for free by CIO Index members.