it cost metrics

Budget for an IT Strategy

This guide discusses Budgeting for an IT Strategy with a focus on calculating the true total cost of an initiative.

e-Book – A Framework for Cost Management

This e-book details a business driven framework for cost optimization. An excellent resource for the CIO to understand how to cut fat without touching muscle. MUST Read! (550+ pages)

IT Financial Management

The author argues that financial visibility is critical for portfolio and project success. This presentation discusses IT financial management – what is it? what are the key financial metrics? how can IT financial management drive business decisions?

Managing IT Metrics

<div>This article discusses the need for Information Technology IT Metrics – what does the CFO want from the CIO? What does the CEO want from the CIO? – and then goes into the discipline of IT Metrics – what are they? which ones are effective? how to go about defining them?</div>

Cost Estimating Guide

This cost estimating guide provides a framework, based upon best practices, that can be modified to develop, evaluate and manager IT investments’ cost estimates.