making better strategic decisions using IT

IT Investment Framework

This information technology investment framework provides the key criteria to consider when making decisions about IT investments. An IT investment framework is used to ensure maximum returns on every dollar spent on IT – to get the biggest bang for the IT buck. It is used to select, and prioritize IT initiatives. On an ongoing basis, this framework will help the governance committee assess progress and make decisions about continuing forward or divesting from investments.

Five Year Strategic Plan for IT

This five year plan for information technology investments is designed to use IT to deliver on the organization's overall goals and objectives. The strategic plan provides a good outline to create a goal driven IT strategy.

How Does IT Effect Strategic Decisions

This paper presents a framework for the effective use of Information Technology in strategic decision making and to assess its impact in resulting performance gain or loss. What role does IT play in managerial decisions? How can we use of IT for better strategic outcomes?

Strategic Technology Investment Decision Framework

This paper discusses the use of game theory to make the strategic decision to invest in a new technology. An excellent discussion that factors in market conditions, and information availability on future performance in making the investment decision.

Understanding Strategic Decision Making Processes

This study explores strategic decision-making process and factors affect the processes. Managers must understand both the key factors driving strategic decisions and the impact of their decisions before they can make effective decisions concerning their business and society at large. This paper is a good first step in that direction.

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