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profit center

Step by Step Guide to Running IT Like a Business

This whitepaper takes the financial perspective on running IT like as business and details a step by step process to achieve the objective of running IT as a business. Define the services IT provides? Identify unit costs? Determine unit prices? Identify service consumption rates? Invoice the business and get paid!

Making the Pricing Decision

This presentation discusses in depth the factors governing pricing decisions and how to use them to gain competitive advantage. Excellent read!

Setting a Price for Services

This presentation discusses the objectives and factors governing pricing of services and tries to make the connection between price and value.

Pricing Model for Application Services

This white paper discusses unit of work model pricing model for application services – identifying, measuring and pricing units of work is described for outsourcing work that can be adapted for an internal IT organization run as a business as well.

Optimizing Pricing of Services

This paper discusses the two steps needed to optimize pricing – and maximize value delivery – namely, understanding strategic pricing parameters and leveraging tactical pricing opportunities. Good discussion for IT as a business for the lessons apply.

Can IT be a Profit Center?

The debate rages on. There are strong views on both sides of the issue – yes and no. Here is a very good summary of the discussion so far…

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