CIO’s Guide to Business Information Systems Planning

There are two key components of a CIO's job responsibility: provide a reliable technology platform and enable enterprise strategy. Both are intertwined - really, two parts of the same process. Arguably, the former is more important than the latter.

So, the three essential questions or challenges for a CIO are:
- How do you create information systems that support enterprise strategy?
- How do you create a reliable technology platform that these systems run on?
- How do you make them both adaptable to change?

The answer lies in understanding:
- How does business create value?
- How does IT support the business in creating this value?

The concept of a business information system encompasses the two.

This discussion helps you understand:
- What is a business information system?
- How to identify functionality that drives business strategy?
- How to build and/or buy business information systems?
- How to extend business information systems?
- How do business information systems communicate with each other (seamless integration)?
- How to deploy underlying technology components - network, databases etc.?
- How to ensure adaptability to change?

An excellent and in-depth discussion on the key concepts a CIO must understand to do they job.

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