Releasing Supply Chain Value – Through Better Order Management

This paper discusses that with more channels to market, smaller order sizes and the supply chain cost to serve; re-evaluating how companies manage orders can be an effective method to unlock value, continue to serve profitably, and critically drive improvement with minimal value

The Fujitsu Approach to Global Outsourcing

This paper discusses that in order to respond to business changes and recent unprecedented developments in the global financial services, companies need to fundamentally change the way they consume IT services. It contends that companies don’t need an IT vendor solely interested in maximizing its revenues and profits but a genuine partner with strategic interests that are aligned to their business needs.

The Advantages of Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

This paper discusses the benefits of finding a strategic partner who can help with outsourcing and co-sourcing needs, businesses can gain advantages of working with someone who not only understands the issues but may also offer a fresh perspective.

Sourcing in a Flattening World: A ‘Best-of-Breed’ Approach

This paper analyzes the evolution of outsourcing and discusses how companies can reap the benefits of a ‘Best-of-Breed’ sourcing approach given that the industry has moved into an era marked by shorter contracts, lower values, multiple vendors. It suggests that the organizations need to redefine and reinvent their approach to outsourcing.

A Structured Approach for Establishing Shared Services

This paper explores the trend of consolidation of business and IT services across enterprise units into one or more Shared Services as a means of improving operational efficiency and reducing costs; its relationship to outsourcing. In addition it describes a structured approach for establishing Shared Services.

A Structured Approach to Vendor Selection

This whitepaper presents a generic template and guidelines for vendor selection. It does not promise to be a complete or definitive work on the topic nor a de-facto standard for vendor selection.