Outsourcing Guide

e-Book- Managing Outsourcing Relationships

This e-Book presents the key components of an outsourcing strategy. CIOs can learn what, when, where, why, and how to outsource services that produce business value for the enterprise. (100 pages)

Destination India-tips for the potential investor

This article provides insights about legal issues related to Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) including Joint Ventures, Technology Transfers, Outsourcing and other kinds of agreements. The content is based on 24 years of personal professional experience of advising North American and European companies and includes information not generally available on the internet or books.

Insiders Guide to Outsourcing

 This introductory chapter provides the myths, risks and best practices of outsourcing with a checklist for strategically successful offshoring.

Outsourcing Guide for Small and Mid Sized Businesses (SME)

<span class="Normal">This guide has been written for Small and Mid Sized Businesses (SME) but can be used by organizations of all sizes. It provides a very good overview of outsourcing – what is it? what can/should you outsource? what are the benefits? what is the process? – so is worth a quick read.<br /> </span>

Outsourcing Guide

This outsourcing guide provides an overview of technology outsourcing and the key steps for evaluation and implementation. It helps understand the drivers behind outsourcing i.e. factors that drive organizations to outsource IT services, implementation considerations, and important steps to take.