Technology Trend

Eight Business Technology Trends to Watch

This research report discusses the forces shaping the business and technology environment, and the trends they are creating. A CIO must keep abreast of these technology trends to harness their energy to create business value for their enterprise and to prevent being swept under the strong currents of change that was not anticipated nor planned for! Very good read!

10 Technology Trends Shaping the World of Business

This research report highlights the key technology trends with the potential to transform business, and society. CIOs must understand the forces driving these trends, and how they will impact their industry, and enterprise – anticipating the power and impact of these trends can help save your company, and help shape its future. Very Good Read! (150 pages)

What are the Trends Shaping the World Around Us?

This presentation explores trends – technology, business, and beyond – and their impact on business and society at large. This is a good place for you to understand what lies ahead, and how to leverage it to create value for your business – CIOs can lead if they keep up with the world around them. Good Read!

Business and IT Trends

This report highlights key business and technology trends. This report can be used by CIOs to stay ahead of the curve to identify strategic uses of information technology. Good Read!

Five Technology Trends to Watch

This report tracks five technology trends that will shape our personal and professional lives. CIOs can use this report to understand these trends, and ascertain their impact on the business – to use IT strategically, to create competitive advantage for their business. CIO as a business leader must master trends shaping their business landscape.

Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Work

This whitepaper envisions the enterprise of the future where employees are at the center of business strategy – they are encouraged, and enabled to deliver business results. What are the technologies driving this trend to hire, and retain top talent? This paper identifies them and lays out a roadmap to transform an enterprise from it's current "employee is a tool" to "employee is a strategic asset" mindset. Good Read! 

Ten IT Enabled Business Trends

The IT-enabled business trends report discusses fresh opportunities for companies to create new sources of value—new products, new ways of touching customers, and new tools for improving operating efficiency. They also have the potential to shift profit pools, disrupt markets and commercial relationships, undermine existing market leaders, and shift value to consumers or among producers.

Technology Trends in 2014

This research focuses on the most important technologies that will shape the business landscape in 2014 and beyond. Some of these technologies exist and will mature, some will emerge but together they present a challenge and opportunity that business leaders must investigate and seize – the author provides action items to ensure a smooth transformation. 

The Future of Business

This white paper explores the future of business at least in terms of "organized work" or "companies" – how we do business? who does it? how they will do it? what conditions affect their work? The paper presents drivers of change, potential outcomes and the ways to adapt your business to reap the rewards from change.

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