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Technology Trends in 2014

This research focuses on the most important technologies that will shape the business landscape in 2014 and beyond. Some of these technologies exist and will mature, some will emerge but together they present a challenge and opportunity that business leaders must investigate and seize – the author provides action items to ensure a smooth transformation. 

The Future of Business

This white paper explores the future of business at least in terms of "organized work" or "companies" – how we do business? who does it? how they will do it? what conditions affect their work? The paper presents drivers of change, potential outcomes and the ways to adapt your business to reap the rewards from change.

World Business Drivers and Trends Report

This in-depth report delves into impending change in key aspects of the business world. What are the drivers of business change? what are the predicted changes? how to leverage change to your advantage? This report has been written for business leaders so they understand the business landscape over time and get ready to ride the waves of success! (120 pages)

8 Emerging Trends in Business

This business trends report dives deep into the eight key trends that will shape the world of business in the years to come. What are the drivers of change in business? what specific business issue do they create? How to effectively deal with these trends? Business leaders weighed in on these topics and more. Excellent resource for a CIO.

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Technology Trends in 2014

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