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Transforming Business Operations for the Digital Enterprise

When it comes to digital strategy, the website has captured people’s imagination. Customers and their experience is critical to the success of your business but that is not the sum total of all things digital – there is a whole organization that must enable this experience and more importantly, there are other aspects of your business that are as critical in their own right. Business Operations, for example.

This week, we continue our journey into digital transformation with an excellent discussion on the implications and impact of digital transformation on company operations. CIOs must understand why operations are critical to the success of a digital enterprise. What areas need focus? How to go about digitizing operations?

e-Book: Digital Strategy and Enterprise Operations

New Interface for the CIO Library

Recently, we implemented a new interface to the CIO Reference Library. It presents all categories on a page and allows the user to explore references in each – order and sort them. You can also search references by title and other keywords.

Here are some screen shots

This makes finding the right reference easy – or so we hope 🙂  Please let me know if it does. Always looking for constructive feedback to make this community work for you.

The Customer Demand For Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

Last week, we started exploring the potential of artificial intelligence with a look into its use by consumers. This week, we continue that big picture look into artificial intelligence by exploring its impact on society, economy, industry, and business. The use of artificial intelligence to solve some intractable problems in the world such as job growth and hunger has benefits for business. This discussion is useful for business leaders not only because they they want to make this a better world for everyone but also because therein lies a massive business opportunity. So, whether this appeals to your heart or your mind, read on!

Download The Customer Demand For Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

Executive’s Guide To Managing People

In the glitter of leadership, management seems to have lost its appeal. Much like the glamor of strategy seems to have overshadowed the indispensability of operations. Can a leader really succeed without superior management skills? CIOs cannot create business value without understanding how to manage their organization to perform at its peak.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on management. This e-book covers the essentials of managing an organization – it makes the case for effective management and show the path to becoming an effective manager.

Download Executive’s Guide To Managing People

Developing A Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is more than a business strategy for the internet. It is different from an IT Strategy. So, what is a digital strategy and how does one develop it? how does one effectively implement it? That is the topic of the e-book that we are referring you to this week. Experts share their views on the creation of a digital strategy in context and with examples. Excellent resource for the CIO who wants to morph into a digital strategist.

Download Developing A Digital Strategy

Customer Demand for Artificial Intelligence

A business leader must ask the most basic question about any disruptive technology: what is the market opportunity? In other words, how can I use it to create value? At the core of this question is customer demand. Artificial intelligence is going to be a key tool for the enterprise because society at large will use it – directly or indirectly. So, the question then becomes: how?

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on the adoption of artificial intelligence by people. CIOs can learn about the potential of this technology and then walk back to ways to deploy it to address this demand. Nothing gets you a seat at the table faster than an understanding of your company’s business model.


Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Sample

CIOs can gain a lot from the experience of their peers. For instance, practical examples of enterprise architecture in action can help guide your own program.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent enterprise architecture planning sample. This EA supports one of the most complicated organizations in the world. Their experience developing and using this architecture can be of help to your own EA initiative.

Download EA Sample

e-Book: Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

It doesn’t matter how many times one repeats this because it is not enough! Enterprise Architecture is not an end in and of itself, it exists to create business value. Enterprise Architecture is not an island, it must connect with other disciplines to achieve results. CIOs can use some timely advice on understanding these two things.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on enterprise architecture planning that will help you understand the EA value connection and the deep links it has with IT Strategy and IT Governance among others.

e-Book: Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

Improving the Stage Gate

The criticism against traditional stage gate process is that it is inflexible, overly complicated, and bureaucratic. The three things that are known innovation killers. So, how does one use this invaluable innovation implementation tool from killing what it is designed to help? A few tweaks can make all the difference in the world.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to a new framework for stage gate. It makes this iconic process nimble, simple, and smooth. CIOs will gain from this framework because what you do all day is innovate, not just support the business in innovation!

e-Book: A New Framework for the Stage Gate Method

e-Book: Guide to Business and IT Alignment


The key to successful business IT alignment is understanding the role of IT in business – how does IT help create value for the enterprise. The rest follows. There is plenty of good advice available on business IT alignment. Sometimes, we come across some that makes all the key connections to complete the picture. This week, we are referring you to one such discussion. It goes from the role of IT to using it as a strategic weapon and key things in between. Valuable information for the CIO to grasp.

e-Book: Guide to Business and IT Alignment

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