Affinity Groups

An affinity group collects those who share a common interest in a topic, or reside in a specific geographical area, or share common job responsibilities, or on some other criteria. An affinity group provides a forum for sharing ideas on that common area of interest. Affinity groups can become very large - there are groups with over a thousand members. These are passive activity groups i.e. participation is "when able" or "just observing."

Private and Public Groups

A CIO Affinity Group can be public or private. A public group invites participation from and accepts any member of CIO Index. A private group restricts access to only those members who are either invited to it or are approved. Private groups may not be displayed in the CIO Groups catalog.

Join a CIO Group
It is easy to join a group on CIO Index. Find a group that meets your criteria by searching through the group catalog, and click join. After the group's moderator or manager has approved your request you may enter the group and start using its forums, view the members' list, and start interacting with the others.

There are hundreds of groups to choose from and with 60,000+ global members on CIO Index, you have the opportunity to have a connection in every major city in the world!

Start your own CIO Group
Yes, any member can form their own group on CIO Index.