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CIO Index Services

CIO Networking

Premier community, network, and portal for Chief Information Officers (CIO) and other technology executives. Join 75,000 members to turbo charge your career.

CIO Reference Library

World's best reference library for thought leadership articles, tools, and practical advice for CIOs and IT Managers. Get definitions, templates, frameworks, best practices, tools and case studies

CIO Training

Learn the skills that you need to succeed as a CIO or IT Leader. Practical, affordable and cutting-edge knowledge delivered to you at your convenience. Get certified today.

CIO Groups

Join your peers from across the globe to share ideas, best practices, and success stories in hundreds of groups based upon topics such as geography, job function, and industry.

CIO Events

Attend an online event to get plugged into leading edge information and trends in Information Technology (IT) Management . Get practical insights from experts.

CIO Wiki

A complete glossary of business technology management terms created by practitioners for practitioners. Add your own contribution or read those of others on a daily basis.

Membership Plans

Get access to the premier resources for IT Managers, Today!

Bronze Monthly

Full access to a majority of premium features on a monthly basis:
$ 99 / Per Month
  • Global CIO Directory
  • CIO Events
  • CIO Groups
  • CIO Library
  • CIO Networking

All Access Pass

All services at a steep discount
$ 700 / Per year
  • Global CIO Directory
  • CIO Events
  • CIO Groups
  • CIO Library
  • CIO Networking
  • CIO Training

Bronze Yearly

Full access to a majority of premium features on a yearly basis:
$ 350 / Per Year
  • Global CIO Directory
  • CIO Events
  • CIO Groups
  • CIO Library
  • CIO Networking

Membership Plan Details

Professional NetworkingNo AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
CIO MinuteFull AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
CIO EventsLimited AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
CIO ReferencesNo AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
CIO ToolkitNo AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
Global CIO DirectoryLimited AccessLimited AccessLimited AccessLimited Access
Affinity GroupsFull AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
Special Interest GroupsNo AccessNo AccessFull AccessFull Access
Peer Connect GroupsNo AccessNo AccessNo AccessFull Access
RoundtablesNo AccessNo AccessFull AccessFull Access

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are vested in your future, we are here to take you to the next level. A membership in CIO-Index is an investment that has a life long payback by turbo charging your career.

Our membership offers you the three key capabilities for sustainable career success:

  • What you know?
  • Who you know?
  • Who knows you?

So, join us to learn, network, and share your way to an exponential career trajectory.

Learning Tools

Learn the key skills that make a business technology leaders.

  • CIO Minute
  • CIO Events (Premium*)
  • CIO Groups (Premium*)
  • CIO Reference Library (Premium)
  • CIO Desk Reference (Premium)
  • CIO Roundtables (Premium)
  • CIO Training (A la cart)

Our platform and services are designed to provide continuous learning across multiple dimensions – what is happening around you, soft skills, and functional skills.

Networking Tools

Connect with tens of thousands of senior IT practitioners from 125+ countries around the globe

  • CIO Global Directory (Premium*)
  • Professional Networking (Premium*)
  • Friend/Follow peers and experts
  • Message or Chat in real time
  • CIO Groups (Premium*)
  • CIO Roundtables (Premium)
  • CIO Special Interest Groups (Premium)
  • CIO Peer Connect Groups (Premium)

Our exclusive community of senior IT leaders and their ecosystem ensures that you network with ONLY those who have a direct impact on your career.

Sharing Tools

Influence your peers and the entire ecosystem. Get credentialed as an expert. Showcase your skills.

  • CIO Global Directory (Premium*)
  • CIO Expert Directory (Premium)
  • Create a blog
  • Post an event
  • Start a group
  • Post a thought leadership piece

Our platform provides you with the tools to share your credentials as an expert in your field.

So, the question is: What are you doing without a membership to “the” CIO Community?

CIO Index provides you with the tools to share, network, and learn. We offer the following services with our paid membership services marked as “premium”

  • CIO Minute
    • Create a blog (Premium)
  • Professional Networking (Premium*)
    • CIO Global Directory (Premium*)
    • CIO Expert Directory (Premium)
    • Friend/Follow peers and experts (Premium)
    • Message or Chat in real time (Premium)
  • CIO Events (Premium*)
    • Post an event (Premium)
    • CIO Roundtables (Premium)
  • CIO Groups (Premium*)
    • Start a group (Premium)
    • Affinity Groups
    • CIO Special Interest Groups (Premium)
    • CIO Peer Connect Groups (Premium)
  • CIO Reference Library (Premium)
    • Post a thought leadership piece (Premium)
  • CIO Desk Reference (Premium)
  • CIO Training (A la cart)


Our members are CIOs, senior IT Executives and IT Leaders from various industries and from all over the Globe. To see our member directory please click here.

CIO-Index is a vendor independent, member supported professional network – membership dues support our operations. We DO NOT sell our member’s information to any third party.

CIO Index is NOT a document downloading site. There is NO charge for content – our reference library is provided as a learning and research tool to our members as a complimentary service to foster better understanding of the profession, promote learning and discussion on new ideas, processes, models, frameworks, best practices to further the profession.


No. While other members can view the information you personally choose to post to your profile and the comments that you post on CIO Index, CIO-Index does not sell your information to third parties (membership dues support our operations). Please review our terms of service and privacy policy for details.

Membership Plans

We offer four different plans. Please refer to our membership categories and privileges article for details.

  • Explorer is our free plan for members who want to get a taste for our services without making a purchase
  • Bronze is our most popular plan that provides the best value for price
  • Silver plan offers all the privileges of the Bronze plan and other high end services such as Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  • Gold is our highest plan that offers all the services on CIO Index – adds premium services such as peer-connect to the silver plan.

Subscription Periods

Currently, we offer two different subscription periods, each with its own dues.

These dues are subject to change at the sole discretion of CIO Index for no reason or any reason, with or without notice.

Our membership dues are substantially below market because and it is our intention to keep them that way. However, membership dues support our operations so these rates must be market adjusted periodically. We try to make reasonable attempts at informing our membership of impending rate changes so they can avail of the lower rate. However, we reserve the right to make these changes without notice.

Rate Lock

Our membership plans offer a rate lock of 3 years from the date of purchase. There should not be an interruption in subscription to maintain this lock.

Our Explorer membership is free for qualified professionals. It offers an opportunity to explore our services. When you are ready for premium services you can upgrade your membership to one of our paid plans. Please review our membership roles and privileges to get details for each type of plan offered.

We do not offer samples. We are confident that with the great care we take to create world class thought leadership and referencing top-notch content – mostly from top-tier sources but selected for the quality of the content itself – we provide the best IT reference library anywhere. However, we DO NOT want our members to subscribe for “content” – which is a free service AND freely available on the web – but for the unprecedented opportunity to leverage our services to make high-value, high-impact IT decisions.

For the convenience of our members, at the end of the subscription period, membership is automatically renewed unless we, at CIO Index terminate it or you, the member cancel it.

Members can cancel their subscription any time BEFORE the start of the next billing cycle by visiting their My Account -> Subscription page and canceling their subscription. You’ll not be billed from the next yearly cycle. There is no cancellation fee.

We do not offer refunds. Our Explorer Membership is the best way to experience the CIO Community prior to making a commitment. Then, if you want additional services, please upgrade to one of the paid plans.

No. Members can cancel at any time using the self-service options on the CIO Portal. Cancellation of the membership must be done before the renewal date as once billed, the membership dues will NOT be refunded.

You can downgrade membership any time. However, no prorated refunds are offered so the new membership dues become applicable at the end of the subscription cycle.

Please visit your “My Account -> Subscription” page to view the status of your subscription. If you do not have a valid subscription then you will see a notice on membership access areas.

You can manage your subscription(s) from the subscriptions page – make payment, cancel subscription, change address, payment information etc.

There are two ways to get a discounted price on membership:

We have indefinitely suspended our student discount program.

Group Subscription

For groups of larger than 10 and less than 50 there is a 15+% discount on the list price of the membership plan purchased:

  • A group does not have to comprise of employees from the same company i.e.. there are no restrictions based upon employment status
  • However, each member must be the actual user of the service (No admin, librarians, researchers etc. are allowed to participate)
  • Group members cannot be changed over the course of the subscription
  • Members may be added at any time and will receive the group discount applicable
  • A group admin is designated to manage group members

How to Purchase Group Subscriptions

The group administrator can purchase the subscription and easily add members:

  • Send each team member a registration link
  • Add each team member manually

Please purchase the appropriate membership subscription:

Membership privileges are automatically assigned upon successful completion of the order. Sometimes, it might take up to 24-48 hours to assign privileges, so please be patient.

Approval is instantaneous. However, sometimes it can take up to 24-48 hours.

Yes, your order and invoice are sent to your email. If you need any other documents to confirm this purchase, please contact us.

Payments are accepted
– Online: using major credit cards including, but not limited to, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
– Online: using your Paypal account which accepts all major credit and debit cards

No checks or wire transfers are accepted at this time

Please note that access to member privileges or course content will not be granted till payment is received in full.

Please visit your “My Account -> Subscription” page to view the status of your subscription. If you do not have a valid subscription then you will see a notice on membership access areas.

You can manage your subscription(s) from the subscriptions page – make payment, cancel subscription, change address, payment information etc.

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