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Over 75,000 CIOs and other IT Executives use CIO Index to Learn, Network and Share. We provide provocative and practical thought leadership on the CIO’s Index of critical items – the entire site is organized along this index of items so a CIO can find their solution quickly and in-context. The integrated social networking features of the site foster peer-to-peer community interaction and sharing of ideas, and success stories.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a term often used but seldom understood. That is the classic definition of not use but abuse.

We believe thought leadership is an idea or explanation that fundamentally alters the way people think – “outside the box” thinking or “breakthrough” idea or perhaps innovation itself – that forces the reader to take action. Without action a breakthrough idea or thought is nothing but the sound of a tree that fell in a remote forest – it is interesting but not pertinent. Therefore, CioIndex, seeks out thought leadership that is:

  1. Original – yes but we are not purists so we take an excellent explanation of someone else’s original idea as thought leadership. After all, what use is a great through that no one understands?
  2. Practical – there are great ideas that are purely academic. They make for great conversation at cocktail parties, especially after a few drinks, but do little to push the agenda forward. We seek out ideas that will fundamentally change the way information technology management is practiced
  3. Actionable – leadership is nothing without action for it is the latter that produces results
  4. Sustainable/Timeless – there is no expiration date on great ideas for if an idea cannot endure the test of time it is a fad not thought leadership.

CIO Portal

The CIO Portal is organized along a CIO’s index of key items – we have determined the seven key items on a CIO’s index and hundreds of sub-items. Visitors can navigate all the content on the site using the item of interest to them without being bogged down.

  • Domain: Each of the seven key items on a CIO’s Index are a domain on the Desk Reference
  • Category: Each sub-item on the index is a “category” on the portal  Visitors can search articles/documents by category
  • Tags: Each category has several hundred sub-items that are tags on the portal. Visitors can seach articles/documents by tag

Professional Networking

CIO Portal is designed to promote interaction among its membership. In the short term, these professional networking features allow CIOs to solve problems and make better decisions using advice from their peers. Over the long term, your network is the only protection against career decline.

Marketing to CIOs

CioIndex generates income from vendor marketing on the site. However, we are changing the way vendors market to CIOs – by offering solutions to a CIO’s index of items. Toward that end, the portal’s structure seamlessly aligns the CIO’s index of issues with vendor solutions to them. Everybody wins.

We are painfully aware of the strains traditional marketing methods put on our visitors’ need for privacy. We are working tirelessly to help vendors understand that privacy is not just good policy – it is an imperative for business in the IT marketplace.

Founder and Editor

CIO Index is privately held and was founded in 2006 by Sourabh Hajela, Partner, Startsmart Consulting. Mr. Hajela continues to actively participate in the venture as Executive Editor.

For more information on CioIndex, please contact us.


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