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Welcome to our CIO Training, the premier destination for enhancing your skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the field. Our platform offers a wide range of courses specifically designed for CIOs and senior IT leaders, covering the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry.

Our CIO Training courses are led by industry experts and provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies, leadership strategies, and management techniques. Our platform offers both online and in-person training options, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge in a specific area or gain a broader understanding of the industry, our CIO Training courses are the perfect way to stay competitive and advance your career. Join us today and become a part of the premier community of CIOs and senior IT leaders.

Learn The Skills That Make A Business Technology Leader

CIOs must master seven key skills to become a business technology leader aka CIO 3.0.

IT Management Core Courses

Build a rock solid base in IT Management with cutting edge training.

IT Strategy Training Courses

Use technology to empower, enable, and drive business value.

e-Strategy Training Courses

Transform the business to thrive in the digital age.

IT Governance Training Courses

Monitor, control and guide investments in technology to deliver value.

Enterprise Architecture​ Training Courses

Model the enterprise to guide it along its capability maturity journey.

IT Sourcing Training Courses

Build meaningful relationships to extend enterprise capability.

IT Operations Training Courses

Run effective and efficient technology operations.

CIO Career Training Courses

Build and lead an IT Organization that delivers superior value.

Premier IT Management Training For YOU!

Our courses are designed to

Training For IT Leaders

As a technology manager, can you improve IT ROI without using cutting edge techniques? How much does your "top tier" management consulting firm charge for their services? More importantly, do they provide training on their frameworks? Do you manage them or is it the other way around? Learn the leading edge skills needed to manage IT for shareholder value!

Training For Business Leaders

As a Business Leader, can your career still survive the lack of IT skills? It is no longer sufficient to say: "I do not do IT" or "Let the IT types handle that". Leveraging IT for shareholder value is your imperative. Collaborating with your IT colleagues cannot be avoided anymore. Learn the IT Management skills you need in the business language you understand!

Training For Technologists

As a technologist, can you do your job without business skills?
Can you rise up the corporate or income ladder without them? Today's business climate demands that ALL technology professionals have "big picture" skills. The market places a premium on them.
Learn the "big picture" skills you need to compete in this tough business climate!

Training For Students

As an MBA Student, can you "ace that case" without IT Management skills? There was a time when you could major in finance or marketing and still get that dream job. Now, IT Management skills are a must to get a job - and keep it! It is no longer sufficient to say: "I do not do IT" or "Let the IT types handle that". Shareholder value cannot be maximized without IT. Get ahead of the pack. Learn the IT Management skills you need to get in the door!

Why CIO Index Courses?

Business Skills Focus

Training designed for business technology leadership skills based upon the CIO Index competency framework.

Expert Instructors

Learn What Only Experience Can Teach. World class faculty makes cutting edge knowledge easy to learn.

Convenient Delivery

World Class Knowledge at Your Doorstep. Multiple delivery options make learning easy, and its application possible.

Affordable Pricing

Top-Tier Learning Without Ivy-League Bills. Training priced to break ivory tower barriers so everyone gets a quality education.

Premium Content

Cutting Edge Thought Leadership. Explained. Master concepts, frameworks, tools, and techniques that produce rapid, repeatable, results.


Don't Just Know It, Show It. Certification, and recognition to power a recession proof career.

Get Certified

Earn a certificate of completion for each course. Your profile will display a badge and be listed in the experts directory. Remember, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or more.

Certified IT Managers

Mohammed Obaidat

Mohammed Obaidat

VP-IT Strategy, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

Erikson Lamb

Erikson Lamb

IT Manager, Social Security Board, Belize

Sue Freeman

Sue Freeman

Consultant, South Africa

Learn Business Technology Management Skills

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