CIO Network

The world's largest network of Chief Information Officers with over 75,000+ members spread across 125+ countries around the globe.

Why CIO Network?

Meet Peers
With CIOs from over 125 countries, our community provides a myriad of opportunities to connect with peers. Connecting with others allows you directly message them, host events together, and create public discussions.
Find Collaborators
Find collaborators across organizational borders using our multiple directories and groups that are based on experience and accomplishment rather than affiliation.
Receive Feedback
Get vendor independent advice, share ideas, and discuss issues with peers in similar situations. For added camaraderie, join groups, roundtables, and attend events.
Share Success Stories
Share your accolades and accomplishments with a community of peers who understand the work it took to get there.

CIO Network Services

Professional Networking

Connect with peers, discover resources, and exchange ideas on a platform designed for CIOs.

Global CIO Directory

Reach out to a peer using our Global CIO Directory for answers or advice.

CIO Experts Directory

Reach out to a subject matter expert in out CIO Experts Directory for answers or advice.

Who's On CIO Index?

Explore the newest members of our CIO community.