Convenient Delivery

We offer different delivery options to make it convenient, and cost effective for the participant.

Training is delivered in six different formats namely, self-paced, instructor-led, online, on-ground, public, and private. Participants can chose the format that fits their needs. Please note that, for the most part, the course content remains the same across these delivery options.


There are two options available to the training participant for instruction and guidance, namely, self-paced, and instructor led. Both options use the same course material but differ in guidance – active or passive – provided by the instructor.

Self-paced courses are pre-packaged course-ware delivered online:

  • Passive Guidance: Training material comprises of lecture presentations with recorded voice over, and quizzes. Participants can download and keep the lecture slides, and reference material.
  • Self-Paced: Course material is delivered pre-packaged. The participant can follow the material at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Duration: Course access is provided for a limited time – usually 90 days. Participants must complete the online lectures, and download material during this time.
  • Note: Course access duration increases with multiple course purchase. For example, both courses, purchased as a two course bundle, are provided 180 days of access.
  • Asynchronous: Instructor does not provide live lectures and in that sense not “present” for the duration of the training. Contact the instructor with specific questions via in-messaging or email
  • Cost: Self-paced option is cheaper than instructor led classes

Please note that the option to contact the instructor is restricted. It may not be available for some courses and/or some times. For example, instructors are not allowed to be contacted when they are on vacation or sabbatical. Instructors cannot be contacted if a course is purchased at a discounted price.

Instructor led training provides “active” instruction, and “in-person” classes:

  • Active Guidance: Training material comprises of live lectures and quizzes. Instructor is available to answer questions, and provide clarifications during this lecture session.
  • Note: Some courses will also have pre-packaged material Participants can download and keep this material.
  • Set Schedule: The whole class follows the same schedule set by the instructor. Lectures, and quizzes are delivered on predetermined times. The participant must follow this schedule.
  • Duration: Instructor led courses duration can vary depending on the delivery location – online or on-ground. Online instructor led classes usually last 12 weeks. On-ground, instructor-led classes usually last 2-5 days. Instructors are not available after the class ends.
  • Dual mode: Live lectures and online classrooms allow both in-person, and forum, and by-email interaction between participants and the instructor:
  • Synchronous: Instructor provides live lectures and is “present” for the duration of the lecture for questions, and clarifications.
    Asynchronous: Class participants can interact with each other, and the instructor using online “class-room” provided specifically for that class. Participants may also contact the instructor with their questions via in-messaging or email. This access ends with the class.
  • Cost: Instructor led classes cost more than self-paced courses


There are two location options available to training participants, namely, online or on-ground.

Online training is delivered using common internet browser based technologies. Participants can access course material, and establish contact with the instructor using an internet connection, and browser.

On-ground training is delivered in a classroom with both the instructor and participants present.

Online training is offered at a lower cost than on-ground classes. Currently, we offer only online training.


Instructor led training is delivered in a group setting i.e. instructors teach a “class” comprising of several participants. On CIO-Index, each training class typically comprises of up-to 12 participants.

There are two types of groups settings or classes available to training participants namely, public or private.

  • Public classes are open for enrollment by anyone i.e. there are no restrictions on who can join. A public class can have a maximum of 12 students. Anyone can register for a public class, provided seating is available. “Seating” is provided on a first come, first served basis. Note: We do try to seat participants by geography, job role, and industry. Mixing them up in some instances, and picking a homogeneous group in others. We try to accommodate participant preferences when making these selections.
  • Private classes are restricted to participants from the same company. Each group must include at least 10 participants.

There is no difference in cost per seat between these two formats. However,, group discounts are available. Please contact us for further assistance.

Delivery of training is done in different combinations of these three types of options. For example, training can be delivered to employees of a company online, and in a private group.

Prices for each type of training are mentioned on the registration form. Please make sure that you pick the solution that best suits your needs but be cognizant of the timing, and cost.

Certification is provided independent of the delivery format i.e. the certificate is the same no matter how the training was taken. Please review the certification section for more information.