Email Policy

The email provided on the registration form is used to:

Verify registration information - a link is sent to this email id to ensure that the owner of the account is the one who has registered on the CIO Portal
Receive forgotten password emails - if you forget your password and request a reminder, the system sends you an email to your registration account

Role Change emails - if you sign up for a new role such as one to open an online store or receive whitepapers from a vendor, the notification of role change is sent to your account registration email.

Automatic Content Update - when you sign-up for automatic alerts, those alerts are sent to your account registration email id.
Send Periodic Community Announcements - we ONLY send important information that is of value to the entire community - including but not limited to the launch of a new system feature or identification of a system error or a critical issue that affects the entire community - to your registration email.

We provide you the ability to stop "notifications" on InMessages so you do not receive emails on this account

We provide you the ability to sign up for newsletters using an email id of your choice - this can be different from your portal account email id.