Are there enterprise discounts for membership?

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Group Subscription

For groups of larger than 10 and less than 50 there is a 15+% discount on the list price of the membership plan purchased:

  • A group does not have to comprise of employees from the same company i.e.. there are no restrictions based upon employment status
  • However, each member must be the actual user of the service (No admin, librarians, researchers etc. are allowed to participate)
  • Group members cannot be changed over the course of the subscription
  • Members may be added at any time and will receive the group discount applicable
  • A group admin is designated to manage group members

How to Purchase Group Subscriptions

The group administrator can purchase the subscription and easily add members:

  • Send each team member a registration link
  • Add each team member manually

For groups larger than 50, please contact us.

Last Updated On September 30, 2018

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