How does peer connect work?

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  • Group Formation: We assign members to a peer-connect group based upon their preference. Members can chose to be assigned to a group based upon geography or industry or topic.
  • Leadership: Each group elects its leadership – a Group Chair and Vice Chair.
    • The group chair leads the group throughout the year 1) organizing monthly meetings 2) soliciting issues for discussion 3) prioritizing issues for discussion 4) follow up on open items and actions
    • Group Vice Chair assists the Group Chair in leading the group and fills in when the latter is not available. Specific responsibilities can be divided between the two as needed.
    • The leadership serves for an entire year but can be changed with the consent of the members.
  • Online Discussion Group: Each group is assigned a private discussion forum for its members ONLY. Members can discuss issues as they arise. Notifications are sent via email to group members. Group Chairs moderate the discussions as needed.
  • Monthly meetings: Each peer-connect group meets once a month “in-person” to work on key issues, and solve problems of importance to its members.
    • These meetings are held online using Go-To-Meeting so members can attend using a phone or VOIP connection.
    • Documents can be shared using this platform.
    • Issues are submitted by each member prior to the meeting. Group Chair selects and prioritizes issues for discussion.
    • The duration of each meeting can be set by the Chair in consultation with its members.
    • A part of these meetings can be used for a presentation by an expert.
    • CIO-Index will assist in scheduling the Go-To-Meeting session and identifying experts to invite.

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