Renew a Membership Subscription Purchased on the Old Portal

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Please Purchase a New Subscription

As you know, we migrated to a new platform in January, 2019. We migrated your membership privileges to the new portal so you can avail of all the benefits of membership, uninterrupted. However, we could not migrate your payment information because it is stored in an encrypted form on the old portal.

Subscriptions auto renew if the payment information on file is correct. However, if payment information is out of date – for example, if your credit card on file expired – then subscriptions cannot auto renew and your membership privileges are automatically suspended.

If your subscription did not auto-renew on the old portal, you must purchase a membership subscription on this portal.

Please purchase a membership subscription on the new portal.

We now have a team membership subscription for groups of at least 10 members.

Why Can’t I Renew My Subscription?

The new portal uses a completely different technology stack – LAMP versus .Net (Windows.) So, migration from the old to the new database posed many challenges including one we could not overcome – migrating encrypted payment information.  

We regret the inconvenience this may have caused you but hope you understand that the benefits of using this new platform outweighed other considerations.

What happens going forward?

Your subscriptions and payment information is easily accessible on your account page. Please use this page to review and update your preferences and purchases.

Your subscriptions will renew automatically. Please make sure your payment information is kept updated.


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