What are the membership dues?

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Membership privileges are based on membership plans. Membership dues depend on the plan purchased.

Membership Plans

We offer four different plans. Please refer to our membership categories and privileges article for details.

  • Explorer is our free plan for members who want to get a taste for our services without making a purchase
  • Bronze is our most popular plan that provides the best value for price
  • Silver plan offers all the privileges of the Bronze plan and other high end services such as Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  • Gold is our highest plan that offers all the services on CIO Index – adds premium services such as peer-connect to the silver plan.

Subscription Periods

Currently, we offer two different subscription periods, each with its own dues.

These dues are subject to change at the sole discretion of CIO Index for no reason or any reason, with or without notice.

Last Updated On September 30, 2018

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