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Welcome to the New CIO Portal

We have built a portal from the ground up to make it easier for you to learn, share, and network. We hope you will find it helpful in your journey!

IMPORTANT: We are in beta to iron our the kinks. So, there are two identical portals running:

  • New Portal: https://cioindex.com  (No “www” in the URL)
  • Old portal:  https://www.cioindex.com  (“www” in the URL)

Full switch over is scheduled for January 14th, 2019.

So,what changed? EVERYTHING!

Complete Your Profile

Before we dive into the exciting new changes, let us look at something you must do to enjoy them:
Complete your Profile: We have ported over your essential profile information so you can login but there are a few things you have to fill out. Since we have a real name policy, you must complete all fields before you can participate. If you run into any problem, please contact us.


Remember a few things to make this transition easier:
1. All posts can be viewed by the entire community so please be careful!
2. To maintain privacy, please adjust your preferences
After login,
3. just click on the “Cioindex Logo” to get to the community page
4. Click on your name to get to your wall and profile – this is your dashboard for all your things on the portal.

New Features

Ok, now we can talk about what changed!!

Professional Networking interface like Facebook

Now, you have access to the entire community of tens of thousands of peer in 125+ countries across the globe, yet the flexibility to maintain your privacy.

  • Create a crisp personal profile
  • Share your thoughts with your peers
  • Make friends and follow
  • Chat in real time or message peers
  • Post pictures and videos
  • Participate in groups

A New Reference Library

Easier to find references. Want to share a document with your peers? Now, you can.

Full Features Learning Management System (LMS)

We have integrated an LMS into this platform – with easy to access lessons, material, quizzes, and exams. Learning and credentialing is easier and integrated with the community. Integrated groups allow interaction with peers very easy. Display your certificates, and badges to the entire community and the world.

Create your personal blog

Your message reaches senior IT executives across the globe.

Attend Events or host your own

A full featured events manager with booking and ticketing makes it easy to attend events. If you would like to host an event, you can post it on this calendar and get attendees!

Gamification for the CIO?

Get a little competitive! Earn points for participation and achievement. We are working on ways to convert these points into products and services. Stay tuned!

What is changing soon?

Next up is a full featured job board
– Post jobs
– Apply for jobs
– Create a professional resume with skills and experience

We are in beta to iron our the kinks. So, the old portal is accessible at: https://www.cioindex.com Full switch over is scheduled for January 14th, 2019.

We have worked hard to create a community portal that works for you but you are the ultimate judge of its value. So, drop us a line with your questions, comments, feedback, and of course, criticism!

Last Updated On September 30, 2018

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