What is the CIO Index Competency Framework?

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CIO Index has developed a unique competency framework that defines the key elements that collectively define a competency. These elements are the management skills required for the competency:

  1. Introduction: Define and describe the competency, in context
  2. Guide: In depth knowledge of envisioning, designing, implementing, monitoring, and managing the competency
  3. Process: Step by step process to implement the competency.
  4. Framework: A model(s) to define the competency.
  5. Case Study: Real life implementation of the competency.
  6. Sample: Deliverables from a real life implementation of the competency
  7. Template: Do it yourself aids to implement the competency.
  8. Best Practice: Leading practices, gained from experience, that make the practice in the competency effective and efficient.
  9. Maturity Model: A model that defines the progressive stages in the implementation of the competency. Each stage might be a complete implementation in of itself. However, the next stage holds the promise of higher value.
  10.  Assessment: Monitoring, and tracking the value delivered by the competency. It can relate to the maturity model but the focus is on value not process.
  11. Implementation: Real life considerations to implement the competency.
  12. Metric: A system or standard used to measure the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the competency
  13. Business Case: What value does this provide? How to communicate this value and gain buy-in of key stakeholders
  14. Tool: Software, or other aids used at any stage of the competency
  15. Governance: Capability used to monitor, and control the competency
  16. Organization: Structure, skills, roles, and responsibilities required in the practice of the competency

CIO Index is organized to help you identify, select, fund, build and maintain value. So, come on in – learn, share and interact. Your index awaits.

Last Updated On August 30, 2018

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