Topic: agile Methodology

e-Book – Agile Methodology Assessment and Maturity Model

This comprehensive e-Book provides in-depth guidance on the assessment of team performance in agile implementation. An excellent resource for the CIO who wants to implement Agile in the enterprise. (150 pages)

Using Agile Methodology for Business Value Creation

This presentation discusses the creation of business value using the agile methodology – what is business value? how does business architecture create business value? what is agile? how to implement agile for business value? Excellent discussion.

Enterprise Architecture and Agility

This presentation introduces the Rapid Segment Architecture Methodology (RSAM) and discusses its application and benefits.

Case Study: Using Agile Methodology for the Enterprise Systems

The authors describe the development of an Enterprise Information System (EIS) for an ISO 9001 manufacturing firm. The system is built using rapid application development tools with the method known as extreme programming. An overview of the EIS development process, the system design goals, and a chronological narrative of EIS development are presented. Included are additional requirements and recommendations for those considering agile methods.

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Case Study: Improved Project Portfolio Management Framework

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