aligning business and it

How to Align Business with IT?

This paper discusses the reasons for the gap between information technology capability and business needs and proposes a solution for business IT alignment.

Improving Business IT Alignment

This presentation demonstrates the chasm between business, and IT, dives into the root causes of mis-alignment, and proposes restructuring the entire IT Organization to create effective business IT alignment. An excellent treatment of business IT alignment from an IT function perspective.

Step by Step Guide to Run IT Like a Business

This whitepaper details a step by step process to run IT like a business. Running IT as an internal service organization provides business value through better coordination between business requirements and IT investment and capability. This is an excellent guide to follow if you are embarking on this journey. Excellent Read! 

CIO’s Guide to Strategic IT Planning

This in-depth guide (~500 pages) discusses how a CIO can create, measure, and communicate business value using information technology as a strategic weapon. What is business IT alignment? How does it create business value? How to measure and track IT alignment over time? How to create a strategic plan for IT? How to measure IT value? How to communicate with your business partners? How to design an IT organization that delivers value? What is the role of the CIO in creating business value?

Bridging the Business and IT Strategy Gap

This one page poster summarizes the business value creation relationships – how to create business value? who does what in creating business value? how is everything connected – from business to IT and everything in between. This is an excellent resource for any CIO interested in bridging the business and IT chasm. 

How Can IT Enable Business Success?

This excellent presentation by a CIO provides a roadmap for IT success – clear undestanding of business needs, identify IT capability to meet those needs, seek appropriate level of funding for IT, and use IT to deliver business results consistently.